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How To Jump Start A Car

MICKSIGARAGE.COM SERVICE ACADEMY HOW TO: JUMPSTART A CAR Before you start, check your owners handbook as some cars have model specific jumpstarting procedures which must be followed. STEP 01 Make sure both cars have the igntion off & are parked close together but not touching. Connect the RED jump lead to the + POSITIVE battery terminal on the dead car STEP Connect the other end of the RED jump lead to the + POSITIVE battery terminal on the donor 02 car STEP 03 Connect the BLACK jump lead to the - NEGATIVE battery terminal on the donor car Connect the other end of the BLACK jump lead to a suitable earth point in the engine bay (such as the engine block) or on the chassis STEP 04 STEP 05 With both leads connected, wait three minutes for the voltages to equalize before starting either cars' engine. STEP 06 Start the donor car and allow it to run for a minute, then while still running, start the dead car and leave both running for 10 minutes. Don't remove the jump leads while the cars' engines are running STEP 07 Tum off the ignition on both cars and disconnect the leads in the reverse order that you connected them 4-3-2-1. Be careful not to touch the jump lead clips against each other or the car bodywork. STEP 08 With the jump leads disconnected try and start the dead car. If it starts, bring the car for a good drive for at least 20 minutes to top up the battery SAFETY FIRST! • keep metal objects, such as rings, watches or tools away from the battery terminals. Short circuiting the terminals can cause a huge spark or even explosion • Never attempt to jump-start a car battery that is leaking or looks damaged - An explosion could occur • Keep hands well away and avoid loose fitting clothing when the vehicle's engine is running it's easy to get caught-up and seriously injured on moving parts MICKS GARAGE.COM THE CAR PARTS EXPERTS DONOR CAR DEAD CAR

How To Jump Start A Car

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Its happened to most of us, you come out of the house, shopping centre or back from the airport or wherever, get in your car, turn the key.........and.......nothing...flat battery.....Balls! You're...




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