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How To Identify An Internet Troll

Under Con-troll: HOW TO IDENTIFY & ELIMINATE THE INTERNET'S MOST HATED LURKERS Trolls, Spammers, Lurkers: they're all of the same filthy ilk. So, why is it that they still thrive in such a troll-unfriendly universe? Probably because troll education is lacking and troll-eliminating technologies are still in infant stages. Here we discuss how to identify trolls, the measures some sites are taking to eliminate trolls, and how you can do the same for your site or social community. HOW TO IDENTIFY AN INTERNET TROLL Trolls have distinct features, but can easily be confused with regular folk. Here are some signs that you are dealing with a real-life Internet Troll: FLOODING- ONLINE VANDALISM Network They flood chat rooms with Timeout nonsensical messages-entering Some trolls are online vandals, they so many in so short of a time that following the conversation will deface a site as fast as they is nearly impossible. possibly can. Unlike acts of vandalism AN HERO committed upon tangible properties, there are often little to no INFLAMMATORY OUT! consequences for such behavior. They attack brands by posting inflammatory messages that BULLYING have no foundation in reality. Trolls are the Internet's version of playground bullies: they will SPAM- Ctrl+Alt+Del intentionally seek out conflict by beating up on other contributors, They post spam messages as all for the sake of feeling powerful. comments on articles or on message boards, compromising the personal information of anyone that clicks PROFANITY on the dodgy links they provide. They often use curse words with alternate spellings. Alternate spellings MULTIPLE IPS of taboo words allow trolls to get around the community safety guidelines set up to keep them away. Of course, it's You see different accounts posting similar messages or content. not too hard to get around these rules. Chances are it's the same troll using multiple IP addresses. @#%$& @#!* $& &*%$& /B/ HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN CON-TROLL? Different websites go about eliminating trolls in different ways. Here is how some sites are fighting back-and some ways you can assure your site is troll-free. WIKIPEDIA twitter Not only does Wikipedia have hundreds of moderators Twitter also has a "report for spam" button. Upon clicking who update false and/or vandalized pages, but they also this button, it blocks the user from replying to you. It also have sophisticated software robots that automatically detect alerts Twitter's Trust and Safety Team who will review the vulgar and obvious defacement. Once detected, the pages account to see if the user is operating within Twitter are automatically reversed to their previous version. Beyond guidelines. The account may be terminated if it is this, users interested in specific pages can be alerted when a determined to actually be a troll or a spam account. change is made, allowing them to check if the change is valid or if it is vandalism. Pages are also frozen in a protected NING state, putting the kibosh on any further defacement. Ning has set up a single password for all of their networks. facebook If an admin reports a troll or spammer they are flagged across all of their networks. There is also an "Alert an Admin" Facebook rolled out the "Mark as Spam" button to all users button so users can flag comments and content, allowing in October 2010. The button acts as a content filter, while admins to fix any problems by changing or deleting the notifying Facebook that there is a potential spam message questionable content. being passed around. The site is also expected to roll out a credibility rating sometime in the near future. Commenters THE HUFFINGTON POST that actually contribute to the conversation will receive a high rating, while trolls and spammers will receive a low rating. HuffPo is just one website that makes you login through Of course, Facebook always has the option to suspend or Facebook or Twitter in order to comment on their articles. terminate an account his/her rating gets low enough. This forces the commenter to reveal his/her identity, and the website is able to check their social credentials at the same You Tube time. While this isn't a fail-safe way to prevent trolls from commenting, it adds another gate they must get through. Users can upvote or downvote comments based upon their quality. The good content rises to the top while the junk sinks to the bottom. HOW CAN YOU FIGHT BACK? As a forum moderator, social media user, or community message board contributor, there are ways to keep the trolling to a minimum. 1. Be proactive in marking messages as spam when they appear. 2. Report trolling behavior immediately to the community moderator or support staff. 3. Refuse to engage with trolls; responding to them only adds fuel to the fire. 4. Moderators should shut down troll accounts immediately. 5. If you have the resources, allocate manpower to preemptively prepare against trolling behavior on your site. It's important to have the proper QUARANTINE ammo in place to fight back as soon as they attack your brand. 6. Create some form of accountability for those who wish to comment. Jumping through hoops isn't something at which trolls excel. SOURCES: INSIDEFACEBOOK.COM I CREATORS.NING.COM SUPPORT.TWITTER.COM I EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG I SLATE.COM I SUITE101.COM TECHCRUNCH.COM I TECHTICKS.WORDPRESS.COM * Community 102 Advanced Moderation For Online Communities i#.S PWNED CHECK THIS

How To Identify An Internet Troll

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Trolls, Spammers, Lurkers: they're all of the same filthy ilk. So, why is it that they still thrive in such a troll-unfriendly universe? Probably because troll education is lacking and troll-eliminati...


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