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How to Hire Web Designer ?

HOW TO HIRE A WEB DESIGNER Hiring the wrong person can give you a lot of headaches and cost you a lot of money, we'll help you choose the right person from square one! one! KNOW WHAT YOU NEED STEP Designer or Programmer? Designers are skilled in front-end web development, with the ability to creat beautiful websites. Programmers are masters with back-end web development, creating function website and applications. STEP Small Business or Internet Startup Small business can launch a beautiful website fast with a designer, however if you require a lot of custom work a programmer is your best bet. What Technology? STEP 3 Launching with a popular CMS like Wordpress or Drupal is fastest and cheapest, If you're going into eCommerce checkout platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.Scalable internet startups should look for Python or Ruby on Ralls Devs. CONCLUSION OF THE FLOW: FOR THE MOST PART, LOCAL BUSINESS SHOULD LOOK TO LAUNCH WITH WORDPRESS, DESIGNERS ARE ARMED WITH MANY PLUGINS TO SAVE YOU MONEY. WHILW MOST ACALABLE INTERNET STARTUPS WILL REQUIRE CUSTOM WORK DOWN THE ROAD, REQUIRING A PROGRAMMER. GET MULTIPLE QUOTES WHATS NEW LATELY? Matt Mullenweg, Founder of Wordpress, recently stated that Wordpress powers 18.9% of the web.Perfect choice for not only bloggers, but most local businesses as well 2012 2013 16.7% 18.9% CONTACT A CLIENT: Talking to one of their clients will tell you more than their website will. GET HE CONTRACT RIGHT By default, a contractor owns copyright to your website and intellectual property unless otherwise stated. Search for a "Consulting Agreement" on the web, While basic, they're balanced, free and should cover most bases.lf you have concerns, contacta lawyer. Disclaimer: Not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. FIXED VS HOURLY Strict Budget Maintenance Work GO WITH HOURLY F.. You know exactly You Trust what you want Him/Her It's the first time you're working with him/her Your requirements 31 are a little ambigious FINAL TIPS WHERE SHOULD YOU LOOK? Referral are you best bet, search your city for "[YOUR CITY]" web design" or “WEB DEVELOPMENT" Avoid $4 Avoid Big Craigslist Deposits Friendly & Responsive Contact Clients Bonus: Don't forget SEO! Other Tips? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your website get found in Google. Most designer/developers do a little on-page SEO...but the best are independent consultants. Comment Below! | E-mail: [email protected] CRISPY Codes

How to Hire Web Designer ?

shared by CrispyCodes on Feb 18
Want to hire web designer to create your web project like never before ? You might be confused that what to do and how to hire web designer on hourly hiring model or on fixed ? Just have a look on o...


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