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How To Grow Your Business Online

GROW YOUR building onlie. simple guide to building online. BUSINESS START Got a website? START How to attract SITES & BUDGETS NO Build new business: 2$ $$ $$$ Research PPC keywords and cost per click. Of 207 million Internet users in the US at the end of 2011, 94% will use Search to buy something in 2012. PAY PER repackage? CLICK YES Self-host an instant Wordpress CMS and use Volusion Go with Custom A quality web site comes first. Can you Positive ROI? SITE site: Yahoo Intuit UltraCart Wordpress and use Magneto for e- NO for e- Get your digital footprint started with Pay-Per- Click. commerce commerce Improve and use PPC Install POSSIBLE ISSUES Analytics installed? (PPC) organic to lower Consider costs of traffic. Google NO TRAFFIC BOUNCE NO BUY Analytics Widen an online Paid search Work to improve traffic low? content. Focus Social, and pages to Search & Right folks coming to your site? Are there 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. referral presence with Search Engine Optimization. SEO Lifetime Try SEO, value. 2K 2K calls for E EFFECTIVE? keywords. action? Is navigation easy? Advertisers only consider 17% of link O Doesn't make me think? OConsistent Ul design? Content focused for SEO? QUses Analytics to hone? O Optimized for speed? building. PPC campaigns profitable. Self or Google pro Express, help. Get Broaden your SOCIAL client base with social media tools. Is site effective? SITE NO START CREDIBLE? O Looks professional? OUses third-party citations? O Shows off people? Super easy to contact? OAds hardly there? PPC Do you have SEO leads are 8x more potent than outbound ones from, for example, print, SEO leads have a SETUPPROFILES YES NO profiles? 14.6% close rate, but outbound ones only have a 1.7% close rate. PLACE HOW DO NOT Is site credible? Need new biz NOW? YES Where are Build trust go onto social authentic- just to sell- promote. Lead with passion. Get as many profiles set up as you can in order to reserve your name, Keep a consistent look/teel and brand messaging as best you can. your cus- and real tomers? Spend SOCIAL Diversify and widen your client base. Start with SEO. Build your Social Media presence on a firm SEO foundation. ity. Be helpful. time on those platforms. Make sure ? Study keywords. Build a quality landing page for each major set of keywords. On SEO SOCIAL O Name, Address, Phone are NO Google Places? Register Keep benchmarking performance of Site, PPC, SEO, and Social against your overall business objectives. consistent. Internet ads will pass TV advertising at $40+ billion in 2012. Listen so you can engage with your audience. Start participating in a personal way, but don't just I Broad Engage your community. SEO More leads at lower cost over time. cast er self- YES Are you listening? promote. Got employees? Make a policy. Got a social policy? Participate with blogs! Two benefits: you can engage with your audience, plus create tresh content for your site, which keeps the Search Engines coming back. NO YES Revise as needed. STRATEGIZE Conversations you hear on social media Who shouldn't be doing social? Don't worry about social media if there's too much risk, for example, you're in a highly regulated industry. TIP! A blog on your site ups your digital footprint. . will help you pinpoint where your target audiences are. You'll want to show up there. OFFSITE ONSITE Making use of page elements? H1, H2, meta tags Title, links etc.? Are you listed in BLOG Shareworthy blogs get linked to, and Search Engines directories? Getting back links? Engaging bloggers? Companies that blog get 434% more indexed pages. More pages means more leads, TIP! Google Alerts is FREE! What's being said of you, your biz, your industry? Monitor closely. Measure traffic that comes from social platforms like Linkedin or Twitter. If people start talking about You, you might get a back- think that's cool. WIN! link, Backlinks are the best way to up your stake in the eyes of Search Engines. ILLUMINATION CONSULTING In the social space, 80% of shoppers change purchase decisions based on negative reviews. What are they saying about you? Are you getting backlinks? YES www.ILLUMINATIONCONSULTING.COM YES YES YES

How To Grow Your Business Online

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How to grow a business online by Illumination Consulting. The process of how to grow any business online successfully.


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