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How to Grow an Avocado Plant

SUSTAINABLE - AMERICA - HOW TO GROW AN - AVOCADO PLANT INDOORS OR OUTDOORS! - WHAT YOU NEED TO START YOUR SEED- WATER AVOCADO CUP TOOTHPICKS KNIFE 1. CUT OPEN AVvOCADO CAREFULLY 2. CLEAN THE SEED Cut the avocado in half carefully without cutting into the seed. Pull the sides apart and scoop out the seed. Wash any remaining avocado meat off the seed. 3. FIND THE TOP AND BOTTOM 4. INSERT TOOTHPICKS TOP BOTTOM Insert 3 toothpicks into the seed about 1/4 inch deep. Be careful not to insert them into the center crease. The bottom of an avocado is wider and has have a bump or lighter color. REST IN CUP WITH WATER 6. WAIT AND WATER Rest the seed in a glass of water using the toothpicks to keep the top of the seed above water. In a few weeks, the seed will grow a root from the bottom, the seed will crack, and a small shoot will grow out of the top. *Change the water weekly. This can take up to a few weeks. Keep in a sunny spot. THEN YOU TRANSPLANT -WHAT YOU NEED.TO TRANSPLANT- POT (WITH HOLES) NEWSPAPER (SHREDDED) SOIL 7. PREPARE POT 8. ADD PLANT AND SOIL If your pot does not already have holes, make some. Then line the bottom with Hoover plant in the center of the pot and add soil around the edges until roots are fully covered. Leave the top of the seed exposed. newspaper to assist in drainage. 9. FIND IT A HOME 10. KEEP IT GROWING & GROWING Set the plant in any sunny spot. You can keep it outdoors if the temperature never drops below 40°F. Water your plant regularly and give it plenty of sunshine. Avocado plants can take anywhere from 3-15 years to fruit. The warmer your climate the better your chances are. 11. UPGRADE YOUR POT OR TRANSPLANT OUTDOORS! YOU'LL HAVE BETTER ODDS IF YOU GROW MORE THAN ONE PLANT AT A TIME. TRY AS MANY AS YOU CAN! -TIPS & SOLUTIONS- • West Indian avocado plants are the least cold tolerant and somewhat • You can tell if your plant is getting too much sunlight because the leaves will start to brown. watery in flavor, but they have the greatest tolerance to salinity and some diseases. • Your seed will turn pink-ish when it is ready to start sprouting on top. • Mexican avocado plants are the most cold tolerant but the least salt tolerant. Its fruit ripens in the summer and is usually of good flavor. • Plants grow best in distilled, spring or rain water. • Some suggest removing the skin of the avocado seed will help them grow faster. (Experement by leaving the skin on and off of a few seeds) • Roots and stems will take around 2-6 weeks to sprout. If you do not see anything by then, your seed might never sprout. • The larger the container the larger your plant will grow. • Use loose soil when transplanting, and wet your soil a little before sprinkling into your container. FOOD FOR THOUGHT. FUEL FOR CHANGE. www.SUSTAINABLEAMERICA.ORG SUSTAINABLE - AMERICA - SOURCE: * 5.

How to Grow an Avocado Plant

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Next time you make guacamole, think twice before you toss that avocado pit. It’s a seed after all, which you can use to grow an entirely new avocado plant. It will help reduce your food waste, and w...




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