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How To Get The Most From Your Recruiter

How to get the most out of your recruiter Propel Teaming up with a recruiter to find your next role is the right way forward.. But how can you maximise your chances of success? 1 DO YOUR HOMEWORK Find the right agency for you. Speak to people you trust to find out what recruiters have worked well for them and don't expect a generalist agency to find you a niche role - or vice versa The right recruiter will make you feel at ease, demonstrate commitment & instil confidence in your abilities. DON'T BE AFRAID TO... .plus, they'll take time to listen ••.• request testimonials • ask to see case studies question the recruiter to your needs. 2 LE HONEST WITH YOUR RECRUITER If you lie about your experience or qualifications, it could ruin your chances of securing a new job Plus, your recruiter could feel wary about putting you forward for other suitable roles they find It works both ways, though - ensure you mention all accolades, big or small. They could be important! 3 OPEN MIND, OPEN SEARCH .that your recruiter knows their stuff. You may think you're right for one role, but if they say another would be more suitable, trust them. It's their job after all. LISTEN .that the information you've been given about a role is all the information that's available. Some companies will want recruiters to protect sensitive data, or to ensure the competition doesn't find out they're hiring - so trust your recruiter if they say they have no more details to pass on .to any advice your recruiter gives you. If they tell you to dress casually for an interview, do it. If they suggest that you aska certain question, go ahead. They know what the employer wants and how you can maximise your shot at getting the job. 4 ESTABLISH GROUND RULES Set some ground rules on how often to contact each other - you don't want to overdo it but it's important to stay visible Likewise, a good recruiter will work around your availability, not theirs PLUS, DECIDE WHICH MEDIUM IS BEST FOR BOTH OF YOU EARLY ON IN THE RELATIONSHIP... THE BASIC DOS AND DON'TS DO DON'T Send your CV in the required format (i.e. Word, PDF). Don't, and potential employers may overlook you for someone who has - no matter how good you Go around the recruiter and talk to an employer directly. The recruiter is afready X known to & trusted by the employer and doing this could ruin your chances. are. Be professional at all times. Treat your recruiter like your potenítial employer. They're your route in, affer all. Be afraid to ask questions, whatever they are. That's what the recruiter's there for, to advise you. Respond promptly to job offers. It's the decent thing to do and maximises your chances of success. Don't be afraid to negotiate, though - just be quick about it! Be vague about your expeiations regarding X salary and the role itself. You'll only end up disappointed and frustrated with the process. WE WANT TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU! WHY NOT GET IN TOUCH...? Propel 0207 432 6340 f Propellondon in Propel-London PropelLondon

How To Get The Most From Your Recruiter

shared by hclark on Feb 25
Don't just leave your recruiter to it. The more you put in to your search the more you will get out of it.




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