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How to File a Complaint About Your Employer

(E) HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT ABOUT YOUR EMPLOYER There are genuine issues in the workplace from unfair performance appraisals to discrimination. Keep in mind that workplace laws protect you and your rights. However, you have the right to attend work without fear of discrimination and to work in a safe environment. STEPS FOR FILING A COMPLAINT AGAINST YOUR EMPLOYER TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WHAT TOOLS YOU HAVE AVAILABLE TO FIX THE ISSUE. Look into the contract that you have entered into when you began employment. Your employers are required to have a section that details how a workplace dispute will be resolved. LOOK AT THE RELEVANT INTERNAL POLICY OF YOUR COMPANY. There is usually a set of policy which regulates workplace matter such as Workplace Health and Safety. These internal policies will illustrate the procedures that are in place by dealing with any of these offences. BEGIN THE INTERNAL COMPLAINT PROCESS. You should do this in writing. You can discuss matters in a clear chronological order which in turn will help your employers deal with the complaint. IF THE COMPLAINT IS NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY, CONTACT THE NEXT IMPORTANT PERSON THAT IS ABOVE YOUR SUPERVISOR. You may have a Human Resources department that deals specifically within the complaint process and would be of greater assistance than another manager. COLLECT EVIDENCE FOR YOUR COMPLAINT. You may need to have evidence to corroborate the events that you portray. You can submit emails and text messages as evidence or even witnesses. IF YOUR DISPUTE CANNOT BE HANDLED INTERNALLY, BEGIN LOOKING AT THE EXTERNAL COMPLIANT PROCESS. If you have exhausted the avenues available to you within the internal complaint process and feel that no action or the action that has taken place isn't satisfactory then you should begin to look at the external compliant process. TIP: THE AVENUE OF YOUR COMPLAINT MAY CHANGE DEPENDING ON THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF YOUR COMPLAINT. For example, issues with Workplace Health and Safety should be brought up to the relevant Statutory body such as SafeWork. Whereas, if your complaint is about discrimination within the workplace then the Anti-Discrimination Board is the most appropriate contact. If you are unsure about the most appropriate avenue to begin the external complaint process then lodging a complaint to the Fair Work Commission or speaking with a Fair Work Ombudsman If you have exhausted all available avenues both internally or externally and are still unhappy with the results. Then the final step would be to speak with a solicitor.

How to File a Complaint About Your Employer

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As an employee, you have the rights to file for a complaint whenever you experience unfair performance appraisals, discrimination at work, wrongful termination, etc. Keep in mind that workplace laws ...


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