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How to Extinguish Electrical Fire Risks

4 How to Extinguish Electrical Fire Risks Fire departments respond to more than Electrical fires account for more than 350,000 1 in 10 house fires in the U.S. each year of these fires! KEEP THESE TIPS IN MIND TO PREVENT ELECTRICAL FIRES O ELECTRICAL WIRING Wiring and related equipment are the source of nearly In 2011, fires started by wiring caused 2 in 3 $340.2m home electrical fires in damage to homes HOW TO STAY SAFE Sa Consider upgrading your wiring if your house was built prior to 1960. One study showed that 63% of these homes needed electrical upgrades! Install Arc Fault Circuit tco Interrupters (AFCI), which are a type of circuit breaker that can shut off power if a dangerous circuit arc occurs. ELECTRICAL OUTLETS Fires started by malfunctioning outlets Electrical outlets cause approximately $94m 2,590 home fires each year in property damage each year HOW TO STAY SAFE Plug only one heat-producing Z appliance (like a coffee maker, toaster, etc.) into an outlet at a time. Water can cause electrical outlets to short circuit. Make sure your hands are dry before touching any electrical appliances. O AIR CONDITIONING AND FANS Fire departments respond to Between 2007 and 2011, fans caused 7,200 6% fires annually that involve air conditioning, fans or related equipment of all home electrical fires HOW TO STAY SAFE Malfunctioning or failing equipment is a factor in 3/4 of all electrical fires. Check your air conditioner at least twice a year to make sure that drain lines are not clogged. A Regularly open up your fan to remove trapped lint and dust. Dusty bathroom fans are particularly likely to catch fire! LIGHTS, LAMPS AND LIGHT BULBS 4,490 Fires caused by lights and light bulbs result in house fires are caused by lights, lamps and light bulbs each year $180m in direct property damage each year 370% of the fires are caused by flammable materials too close to lights HOW TO STAY SAFE Use light bulbs that match the wattage recommended on a lamp. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs (CFLS). ATon Move bedding and upholstered furniture away from light bulbs. EXTENSION CORDS In 3,300 2 of 5 residential fires are caused by extension cords each year fires started by cords or cables, the cord's insulation is the first item ignited Running an extension cord under a rug can cause the cord to overheat. HOW TO STAY SAFE Use extension cords only on a temporary basis. Continual use can degrade the insulation, making fires more likely. Choose the right extension cord O for your situation. Outdoor extension cords have heavy-duty insulation to protect against weather and extreme temperatures. Brought to you by Arbella Insurance ARBELL A INSURANCE SOURCES: 2009-2011ResidentialFirelossEstimatesFinal.pdf home-fires-involving-air-conditioning-or-related-equipment

How to Extinguish Electrical Fire Risks

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Each year, fire departments respond to more than 350,000 house fires in the U.S. Electrical fires account for more than 1 in 10 of these fires! Keep these tips in mind to stay safe and prevent electrical fires.


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