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How Energy Auditors Make Homes More Efficient

Areas of Heat Loss in Homes EFFICACY OF ENERGY AUDITS Flue Loss Roof Loss 30%-35% Loss through Walls 25%-30% Ventilation Loss 25% The inspection and analysis of the energy flows for the purpose of conserving energy in a building is called tenergy audit". This process of reducing the amount of energy input is crucial for having a sustainable future. TYPES OF ENERGY AUDIT Window Loss 15% INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL ENERGY AUDITS HOME ENERGY AUDITS Floor Loss 7%-10% ENERGY AUDITS helps to identify where your house energy is forfeited. A home energy audit also assesses any safety or health issue in your home. maje in energy spending, saving energy has become imperative. also aims at lowering energy costs. Since a expense of industrial companies goes DID YOUS KNOW E MAIN CONCERNS TABLEOF CONTENTS НОМE COMMERCIAL • Introduction . Турes • Energy Services in Commercial Buildings • Factors Affecting the Commercial Energy Rating • A typical home energy audit • Benefits of an Energy Audit • The Auditor's Toolbox • What is Blower Door Test? • Usage of Blower doors COMMERCIAL BER CERTIFICATES AREREQUIRED FOR ALL NON-DOMEŠTIC BUILDINGS OFFERED FOR SALE Insulation and Weatherproofing OR RENT. Lighting, HVAC and production equipment ENERGY SERVICES INCOMMERCIAL BUILDINGS • Implementation of the heating system • The type and level of insulation • The quality of the construction The ventilation system • Type and level of lighting like usage of energy efficient bulbs • If renewable technology is used • Identify elements that needs upgrading • Suggestion to introduce renewable technology • Prepare a detailed costing report • Get Energy rating for your house with improvements implemented • Check energy savings and CO2 reductions HOME ENERGY FACTORS AFFECTING THE COMMERCIAL ENERGY RATING ILLUMINA TION TYPICAL AUDIT MIGH TINCLUDE THEFOLLOWING OFFICE ADMINIS TRA TION Water heating composes 18% of residential energy consumption HOT WATERHEATING -18% water heating COMFORT Uyo lourtr. Salar DCCconna tdorortedior FRESH AIR DID YOU KNOW A GOODBUILDING ENERGY AUDIT WILLPOINT THE WAY TO REDUCE YOUR ENERGY COSTS BY 10% TO 40%. ΒΕΝEFITS OF AN ENERGY AUDIT WHATIS BLOWER DOOR TEST ? Set targets based on energy efficiency Blower Door is also known as Air Pressurization Test. Between the inside and outside of your home, it creates a small amount of pressure difference. This helps air to get out of the building through the gaps. You can check the amount of air leakage through windows, vents, chimneys and other places. Get increased profits with reduced costs Leaking heat Avail comfort and improved productivity with secured energy supply. Outgoing Blower door You can also get Environmental benefits like sustainability, emissions savings, conservation of resources and greenhouse gas reductions. Drawn in Leaking heat USAGE OF BLOWER DOORS INCLUDE (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO) Duct leakage testing of forced air heating/cooling systems NFPA Clean Agent Retention Check the air ess in commercial and Check rain penetration and water tightness in building envelopes residential buildings Seeing if the buildings comply with the standards of energy efficiency, like the ASHRAE and IECC THE AUDITOR'S TOOLBOX Tolescoping ladder To reach into an attic or up high Soap bubbles Used to confrm fuel loaks in combustion appliances Infrared camera To help determine air leakage and insulation Combustion analyzor Screwdrivers, pliers and adjustable wrench Tool designed to sample flue gases in vented combustion appliances and measure fluo gas temperature, leaks and carbon monoxide Digital probo thermomotor For testing temperature rise in heating equipment and fan oper ating temperatures To remove outlet plates and inspect appliances Blower door 25.foot tapo moasure For making a footprint sketch of the house A large fan that de pressurizes the home by sucking air out This tost simulates the effect of a 20-mile perhour wind to allow the auditor to find air leaks Inspection Mirror To see into constricted spaces Manometer A gauge that measures the diffe rences in prossure in a home to pinpoint air leakage and test exhaust devices for Flashlight and batteries Draft gaugo To help see behind appliances To tost for chmney drafts proper operation Digital camera Smoko gonerating dovice Moisture meter Produces a thin stream of smoke or h places To help see into hard-to reach and documeont olements of the house Measures mnoisture level in non-toxic fog to help find air leakage and duct leakage wood and other materials Pen and paper For takong notes Watt metor Meaures the oloctrical onergy used by various devices throughout the horme Understand the value of Energy Audits - It is worth the Investment!!! NRG Experts Building Energy Rating & Energy Audits. Commercial & Residential Buildings SOURCE WWW.NRGEXPERTS.IE<emid%3D151 Created By - Vinay Rai

How Energy Auditors Make Homes More Efficient

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The inspection and analysis of the energy flows for the purpose of conserving energy in a building is called “energy audit”. Energy auditing is very imperative for any building. You must know how ...


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