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How Do You Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You?

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR PARTNER CHEATING ON YOU?. Changes in the behaviour of the person you share your lifę with often means that things in the garden (and the home) are far from rosy. So how.can you tell if your other half is splitting their time between you and someone else? Paul Simon may have listed 50 ways to leave his lover, but here are just a few pointers that could prove that yours is cheating on you. Sudden Change In Routine? Unexplalned Spending? Strange Phone Activity? Are they coming in later and later from work? You may want to take a look over some of the purchases when the bill comes through for your credit card or jõint account. snoopnone bill partner's mobile Isn't the best thing to do as you could end up creating problems that don't already exist. Obviously g at your How about disappearing during the lunch break when he used to call every day? Don't expect to see transactions for new cars and diamond But unknown numbers and suspicious Cintpatterns might Any change in a routine but a t of lunch s and st suggest that someone has recently taken on a few extra- marital affairs. míght just spot c there, or a coffee out some- where that you weren't aware of could sound the alarm bells. t'to wrong doing An Infidelity Investigatlon can take anything from 4 hours to 6 months The average affalr lasts for around 2 years 30% 53% In America of British men say they would have an affair if they knew they wouldn't get caught of marriages end in divorce SORRY, NOT AVAILABLE Always Aloof ? Sleepless Nights? Change In Lifestyle? Is their mobile phone turned off during times you n reach th Is your partner restless when it comes to bed time? Has your partner suddenly become interested in their appearance? them, normally can or do they claim not to have had any call service for hours at a time? If they are involved with someone else, or doing something they shouldn't ay be struggling to get to sleep at night. Embraced vegetarianism overnight? Or taken on a gruelling new fitness regime? Years ago this wouldn't have been such a big but the more we contact with each other, the more noticeable it is n we don't are all9. An maocent mid-life crisis If this is noticeable it may be worth asking what the matter is and seeing what they say. though more suspicious minds could point towards a drastic attempt to impress someone new. each other regsak to 36x of people admlt to having an affalr with a co-worker A third of the marrled population would consider cheating In revenge, If they discovered a partner's Infidelity, 26% 25% of men admit to having an affair when in a relationship of men are willing to forgive and forget an affair compared to 20% of women TIME FOR SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP? 0000000 0000000000000000000000000 00000000000 If none of these tactics prove effective, but you are still suspiclous about your partner's actions; It may be time to call In the services of a private Investigator. A professional Pl may be able to provide answers to the questlons you've been asking but dare not ask. Infographic produced by O Webrevolve for P Probe Investigations

How Do You Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You?

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Whether it’s unexplained activities in the middle of the night or just a hunch, your instinct is usually a good barometer when it comes to catching out a cheating partner. But if you’re still unsu...


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