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How to Design an Effective Landing Page?

How to Create an Effective Tanding Page A landing page is the page a visitor arrives at on your website after clicking an ad. Or A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor's information through a lead form. analytics ad trust s ISitors time professional S mages e xample peopie content link converting points logos getting - landing inswer point terms like contact rererral, questions new"important information testing rate 2 now search action check sign pages need better site conversion Before Building a landing Page Make strategy to determine goals: Have a clear goal in mind and define the purpose of the landing page and where and how it is going to be used. your competitors: It is very important to know about your competitors activity & status Find Concentrate on your audience & their requirements: Analyse what your customer want & how they attract towardyour store. Tips to create attractive landing page Add clear call to action Make landing page destgn simple and clean: A good destgn layout & clear images is very important. Use eye-catching headlines- Ensure the visitor immediately what the page is about Use clear & relevant images - Include videos, graphs, tables or other media forms, etc Follow- up with thank you page Use brand's colors and logo at the top of the eCommerce website landing page Use Social channels- Include social channels so that the customers know they can reach you directly with any questions. Should include a simple and visible shipping and returns policy Human photos ona website definitely have positive impact on visitor's first impression of trustworthiness Social proof: Testimonials can make a huge difference when it comes to conwersions. Use trust badges Common landing pages mistakes Lack of darity Overcrowding Not optimized for mobile devices Invisble Call-to- Must follow CONVERTS rule to design landing Page C Clear Call to Action Offer N Narrow Focus V VIA: Very Important Altributes Effective Headline R Resolution-Savvy layout T Tidy Visuals S Social Proof Lu ocodewire process straffic Poor written headlines Lack of credibility paade action abpd moj buppon following AB testing Not

How to Design an Effective Landing Page?

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Learn to create or to design the effective landing page in an eCommerce site.




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