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How To Deal With Power Failure

Power outages are more than just sitting in the dark. HOW TO Most power outages are caused by acċidents that compromise the power lines, and are usually repaired within a few days. Deal With A Power Outage Take a look at these 10 survival tips in the unfortunate event of a power cut. 1. Ask yourself, how emergency prone is your home? A blizzard-prone area will be different from one in a tropical area that commonly faces hurricanes. Urban areas face different challenges than rural areas. (2.) Cook perishable foods 3) Stable foods in case If the temperature rises, take anything out of the fridge that might spoil and prepare to cook it or consume it before it warms Canned meats, fish, soups, vegetables, and juices will work, and can bể kept for months at a time. up. Crackers, cookies and snacks for the kiddies are a necessity Eat these items after the perishables are eaten or are unsafe to eat. Eat perishables before spoilage can'occur. 4.) Have a back-up for heating food and water A camping stove or barbeque grill is ideal for a power cut, just remember to use them outside! Water is actually more important than food, and if your water supply is pump-driven, ít may give out în a power failure. Put aside many gallons or liters of drinking water. Fill your bathtub or pails with water for flushing the toilet, washing, and so on. 5. Heating and Cooling 6.) Invest in safety lighting Do you need to stock up on wood for the wood stove? You should consider buying portable fans, and cold water rinses to stay cool. Many of the commercial style emergency lights look pretty bad on the wall of your kitchen or living room, and they typically only last 90 minutes - day or night. If your home runs on natural gas or propane, install a gas fired fireplace that has its own thermopile electronic ignition. Should you get 'a gas- powered generator? Look for power failure safety lights on the web and find ones that you can install in any room of your home without being an eyésore. Start with the kitchen and bathrooms the two most used rooms of the house. TIPS TO SEE YOU THROUGH 7. Battery Powered Lantern 8. Battery Powered 9. Read a Book 10. Get out of the house! Radio GENERATOR POWER

How To Deal With Power Failure

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It's likely that one time whilst you're at home, you will experience some kind of power outage, whether it be for an hour or a couple of days, but as they say, it's best to prepared. Take a look at th...



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