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How to Control Heat On a Charcoal Grill

How to CONTROL HEAT on A CHARCOAL GRILL 4 Techniques to Manage the Heat Charcoal is notoriously difficult to control. That's why you end up with your chicken burned on the outside, but still raw on the inside. If you want your food grilled to perfection you need to control the temperature, so it's hot enough to cook, but not so hot that it burns. HERE ARE 4 TIPS THAT WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THAT: BUILD A FOOD GUARD WHAT IT DOES: Creates a layer of protection between the food and the flame Slows down the cooking process, by reducing the direct heat WHEN TO USE IT: If your food is burning or cooking too fast HOW TO DO IT: Take a piece of Fold it the same way you Slide it underneath the aluminium foil would a piece of paper to food on top of the grill put it into an envelope so and place the food it is 3 layers thick back on top of the foil 2 ŁAYER THE CHARCOAL IN AREAS WHAT IT DOES: Creates different areas for different purposes WHEN TO USE IT: Area 1 - Hot zone for sealing and searing Area 2 - Medium heat area for cooking Area 3 - Heat free zone for resting food HOW TO DO IT: 1 2 3 Divide the Grill into 3 In Area 3 - don't add In Areas 1 and 2 - Add areas, this can be any charcoal, this is an even layer of coals from left right or back the heat free zone across both zones to front In Area 1 - Add a second Now use the thick layer layer of coals so they are of coals in area 1 for twice as thick as area 2 cooking on high heat 3 USE THE GRATES WHAT IT DOES: The closer the food is to the coals, the higher the temperature and the faster the food will cook WHEN TO USE IT: • Depending on what you are cooking • If you are grilling chicken you want it cooked through so it will need longer at lower temperature • If you are cooking steak, you want high heat for a short time HOW TO DO IT: Simply lower or raise the grill plate into different grates as you need higher and lower temperatures respectively 4 USE THE VENTS WHAT IT DOES: More air makes a hotter fire Less air creates a cooler fire WHEN TO USE IT: Simply use it when you want to make the fire hotter or cooler HOW TO DO IT: VENTS Most grills have vents If you want a hotter If you want a on the bottom to fire, open the vents cooler fire, partially control the airflow fully to get more air in close the vents BROUGHT TO YOU BY: GRILL MASTERS CLUB

How to Control Heat On a Charcoal Grill

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How to Control Heat On a Charcoal Grill - 4 techniques to manage the heat




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