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How to Control Alt Delete Online Reviews

CONTROL • ALT • DELETE: CUSTOMER REVIEWS O Yelp is one of the most popular review sites, by virtue of the number of yelpk reviews it hosts, as well as the variety of businesses that are encouraged to have an active profile. From arborists to Zen spas, if you are a business owner, then you are very likely to have, and benefit from, a Yelp review profile. FACTS AND FIGURES HOW YELP IMPACTS YOUR BUSINESS YELPERS HAVE WRITTEN OVER YELP AVERAGES 139 MILLION UNIQUE VISITORS EVERY MONTH. 67 MILLION LOCAL REVIEWS. A HALF-STAR YELP RATING IMPROVEMENT MAKES A RESTAURANT A 1-STAR YELP RATING IMPROVEMENT GENERATES UP TO 30 TO 49 % 9 PERCENT MORE LIKELY TO BE FULLY BOOKED DURING PEAK DINING TIMES. REVENUE INCREASE. Yelpers send an average of 55,000 messages every month through the Message the Business tool. 82% 82% of Yelp users visit the site when preparing to spend money. 93% of Yelp users go on to make purchases at the business they looked up 93% and researched on the site. Small biz owners with a free Yelp business account average $8,000 in annual revenue from Yelp, while advertisers generate $23,000. Let's take a look at some instances how you need to control your reviews, when to alter your reviews, and how to (if you can) delete your customer || reviews. HOW TO CONTROL YOUR REVIEWS? Removing your review responses from Yelp is very simple, and you are fully in control. No need to escalate to Yelp. Log into your Yelp business profile and head to the 1 submenu for reviews. Scroll down to the review in question, and select the one-click option to remove the review. Confirm your intent to remove, and voila! Keep in mind that once removed, the review cannot be reinstated. Once you have a reputation management plan and the right tools in place, review response removals should be few and far between. Your goal is to develop review responses that are well-written, business-conducive, and drafted in a way that captures the heart of the reviewer and those reading the review and review responses while researching your niche. With discipline and determination, even the smallest of businesses can benefit from streamlined reputation management. Take a look at our vast library of tips and resources for superior online reputation. WHEN TO ALTER YOUR REVIEWS? YOU RESPONDED TO THE WRONG REVIEW If in haste you post a response to the wrong review and you don't catch it until later, then remove it as soon as you identify the problem. It is not uncommon for us to spot reviews with responses that are irrelevant or wrong. YOUR RESPONSE CONTAINS BUSINESS INFORMATION THAT IS NO LONGER RELEVANT This is of special importance if your response is causing issues with new SALE customers. A great example might be a response where you have included an offer, a business policy, or pricing disclosure without including an expiration date. AN AUTHORIZED PARTY WHO MADE A POOR JUDGMENT CALL HANDLED YOUR RESPONSE Most of us have experienced disgruntled employees. If you have just taken over your online reputation after a change of management and identify signals of a disgruntled reputation manager, then you might need to do some housekeeping. YOU HAD INCOMPLETE INFORMATION AT THE TIME OF YOUR RESPONSE It happens to the best of us, and it needs to be corrected as soon as it is discovered. Correcting a response made with incomplete or incorrect information is a good long-term move for your business, and a proper way to ensure everyone reading your reviews receives accurate and truthful information. RESPONSE CONTAINS TYPOS OR MISINFORMATION Removing responses that look unprofessional, have typos, spelling mistakes, or language that does not best represent your business and your brand might just be TI a great move in terms of building your online reputation. These types of reviews often happen due to lack of business maturity and putting someone in charge that is not necessarily qualified to effectively manage online reputation activity. CAN YOU DELETE YOUR REVIEWS? IT'S NEGATIVE. ITS SEXUALLY EXPLICIT, OFFENSIVE, RACIST, OR HATE SPEECH IT'S BAD AND FALSE. IT'S FALSE. In the case of reviews that are patently false, If you suspect someone was paid or wrote a false negative review to damage your business, you may escalate using a flag. Provide as much evidence as possible, particularly if it has become a spam-like pattern aimed at drowning your business with a highly negative reputation. As a business owner or you may have a little bit more leeway to have it removed from marketing manager for a business, you might feel inclined to contest the validity of an online review. If your online profile on review websites. Both Google and Yelp offer the option to flag reviews and include you feel the review is false or not reflective of your business, you may feel inclined to contact the website displaying the an explanation to negative review and request a removal. TRY TO FLAG IT. IT HAS ILLEGAL CONTENT, POINTING TO ILLEGÁL ACTIVITIES, OR WITH ILLEGAL LINKS FLAG IT GET MORE POSITIVE REVIEWS. Use ReviewTrackers's Request Review Tool to swamp the negative review with more positive ones and bury the bad ReviewTrackers

How to Control Alt Delete Online Reviews

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Use this informational guide to determine your course of action when you get a bad customer review on your business's yelp, google, facebook, linkedin, glassdoor, etc. Use ReviewTrackers to help mana...


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