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How to Choose a Snowboard for Full Fun

HOW TO CHOOSE A SNOWBOARD HEIGHT, WEIGHT & GENDER STANCE SKILL LEVEL O beginner I intermediate goofy- with o right regular- de with your let foot forward switch- witch b/w riding regular & goofy 100-14 2 advanced O expert 70120 100MI4 BOARD USAGE men's weigh beardengh women's weigh bed lengi k weight beerd lengh The height of your board should be between your chin and your nose. The shorter your board. the easier it is to control. The taller your board, the easier it is to control of high speeds ВАCK MOUNTAIN COUNTRY/ ALL TERRAIN PARK FREERIDE Your board needs to be able to withstand your weight. It needs to be able to keep you gliding down the mountain on top of the snow without getting weighed-down into the snow, POPULAR SNOWBOARD COMPANIES O Because men and women have different anatomies, they need different boards to support their weight that is also based upon their height. burton de reme ech BOARD LENGTH FLEXIBILITY FLEXIBLE BOAROS are better for the park when doing tricks. They are easier to control and turn. They are aso better for Ighter weighted riders and for going over bumps and un groomed trails eginner expert expert еxpert terrain park all mountain & back country/ freeride all mountain STIFFER BOARDS moke it harder to control your board when you are going down the mountain at high speeds which makes them better for al-mountain riding. They ore also better for hegvier riders and groomed slopes When legrning, a shorter board is better becouse it's easier to control Shorter boards are egsier to control when doing tricks More advanced riders can control a slightly longer board, which is better for riding at higher speeds r BOARD TYPE PERCENTAGE OF MALE VS. FEMALE SNOWBOARDERS LAYERS OF A SNOWBOARD tradilional camber Tmountin TOPSHEET FIBERGLASS reverse camber& rocker ock CORE flat camber ounn FIBERGLASS STEEL EDGES combinotion comber P-TEX BASE BOARD WIDTH The width of your board needs to be wide enough to make sure your boots don't hang off of the boord when your feet are strapped in, If your boord isn't wide enough. you will fal when turning because your feet with dig into the snow. BOARD PARTS binding mounts walst tol Onose topsheet edges

How to Choose a Snowboard for Full Fun

shared by Katehill on Mar 11
It's easy to choose a snowboard. We can help you determine your: 1) Ability Level 2) Snowboard Width 3) Snowboard Length 4) Riding Style and Favorite Terrain These factors play a crucial role in choo...




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