How to choose a pool cleaner [Info Graphic]

How to Chose a POOL CLEANER Assess The Cleaning Needs Of Your Pool TYPE OF DIRT: Determine if your pool collects a lot of leaves or other debris. This will help you choose a cleaner. SIZE OF POOL If you have a larger pool, a manual cleaner will take you a longer time to clean it. Types of Pool Cleaners I. MANUAL POOL CLEANER This type of pool cleaner looks like a vacuum. Consider manual pool cleaner if: You do not mind spending your own time keeping the pool clean. • You have an above-ground pool or a smaller in-ground pool. • You are on a budget. • You are a perfectionist. 2. SUCTION SIDE AUTOMATIC CLEANER Consider this cleaner if you have fine dirt particles in your pool, such as sand. This type of cleaner connects to your skimmer and uses your pool's filter to move around. 3. PRESSURE-SIDE POOL CLEANER • Consider this cleaner if you have a lot of large 4. ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER debris, such as leaves or acorns. Consider this cleaner if you want a pool cleaner that works on its own. • This type of cleaner uses the water pressure to roll over the pool's surface and suck dirt into a bag. These self-contained machines move around the pool on their own and scrub the floor and walls.. Tips to Choose a Right Robotic Cleaner 2. BUDGET I. POOL TYPE Check if you have in-ground or above ground pool. If you have an above ground pool and are looking for a cleaner that will save you money at the same time, maybe you should consider. 3. POOL SIZE Some robotic cleaners work better for smaller sized pools, while others can tackle near Olympic sized pools with no problem. 4. POOL SURFACE 5. COMFORTABLE WITH TECHNOLOGY Common surface types are: vinyl, concrete, fiberglass, and even tile. Make sure you know this information first before you set a cleaner in your Consider this cleaner if you are comfortable with a more technologically advanced robotic cleaner that might comewith a remote control and water. various settings. 6. FILTRATION 7. FEATURES Robotic pool cleaners operate independently of your pool's filtration system. These specialized cleaners filter and clean your As a pool owner, you have the right to decide how many features will get you that crystal clear pool of your dreams. water all on their own. Presetned By Prepared By maytronics Media Mos aic Exceptional Pool Experience Sources

How to choose a pool cleaner [Info Graphic]

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The infographic titled “How to Choose a Pool Cleaner” aims to guide target audience as to how to choose best pool cleaner for their swimming pools. People find it difficult to select a pool cleane...




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