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How to Care for Your Tree

How to Care for Your Tree Stages of Growth The stem is less than 2cm wide No taller than 1m and the trunk is about 30cm wide The tree can get from 5 to 30m tall The tree can't be protected from pests and diseases SEEDLING SAPLING MATURITY OLD AGE developing and sprouting tree young tree, which is growing rapidly fully grown tree/ tree in reproductive stage tree, which is no longer growing / produces less pollens and fewer seeds Tree Maintenance and Care Process Frequency Stage of life Benefits Pruning # Sapling # Maturity # Old age # Safety # Aesthetics # Increasing air flow and sunlight expossure Monthly and when needed Mulching # Seedling # Sapling # Maturity # Old age # Weed control # Soil insulation # Aeration # Better overall tree health Annually or when needed Root Fertilization # Better nutrient absorption # Healthier growth # Supporting beneficial fungi and microorganisms Once in 2 years # Maturity Bracing and Cabling # Seedling # Old age # Safety # Directional growth # Support for unstable branches or trunk When needed Tree and Stump Removal # Old age # Safety # Aesthetics When needed Signs Your Dead Tree Will Fall Soon Falling leaves with no possible reason Cracks and divisions in the tree trunk Decaying and porous Wood Leaning or raised ground Root problems Created by: Website: TM Fantastic Gardeners Phone number: 03 8652 1921 WE LOVE GARDENING!

How to Care for Your Tree

shared by AnthonyParker86 on Nov 25
Taking care of your tree is a very responsible task. Trees require regular pruning, trimming, mulching and many other things. But when should you do these things and how often? This helpful infographi...


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