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How To Can Using A Water Bath

HOW TO CAN USING A WATER BATH SS SET YOUR CANNER ON HIGH HEAT 1. It will take about 45 minutes to come to a boil. This will be your first step for fast-cooking recipes. Adjust timing accordingly for recipes that will take awhile to prepare. PREPARE RECIPE For safe canning, always use USDA- approved instructions. 2. STERILIZE JARS IF NECESSARY 3. NOTE: If processing for less than 10 minutes, you need to sterilize jars. Jars processed for longer than 10 minutes do not need to be sterilized. STERILIZE LIDS 4. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. To ensure food safety, ALWAYS use new lids! FILL JARS 5. Be sure to leave appropriate headspace. Too little headspace may cause food to expand and bubble out from under the lid during processing, preventing the jar, from sealing properly. Too much headspace can prevent the jar from sealing; there will not be enough processing time to drive all the air out of the jar. RELEASE ANY TRAPPED AIR BUBBLES 6. Run a thin knife or spatula inside the jar. WIPE RIM OF JARS WITH A DAMP CLOTH 7. Food particles between the jar and the lid can prevent sealing! PLACE LIDS AND RINGS ON JAR 8. Screw rings on firmly but not too tight! LOWER JARS INTO BOILING WATER 9. Rubberized canning tongs are specially made for this task. PROCESS JARS 10. Maintain the water at a boil for the length of time specified in the recipe. LIFT JARS FROM WATER 11. Use canning tongs to place them on a flat surface protected with a folded towel. Avoid touching the lids. LISTEN FOR THE PING Your jars are sealing! 12. ALLOW JARS TO COOL 13. Test the seal by pushing in the center of the lid. If it feels solid, your jar is sealed. If it flexes, it is not sealed. Store unsealed jars in the fridge and use them first. SURVIVAL MASTERY Source:

How To Can Using A Water Bath

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