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How Can I Improve my Graphic Design Skills as a Beginner?

"How can I improve my graphic design skills as a beginner?" Start with the foundation and build up. READ & OBSERVE · Read Designer related news · Stay up to date with browser compatibility, updates to operating systems, and device compatibility • Make a list of what you think is beautifully designed. Note what they have in common. · Follow good designers on Twitter, Dribbble, Tumblr, deviantArt, Pinterest Facts • Of the 2.1 million Americans identified as artists, designers represent 39% (nearly 830,000 workers) - 81% have a bachelor's degree · 54% of all graphic designers Fact The first computer based graphic design tools were used in are women the 1980's. STOP DOUBTING, SEEK KNOWLEDGE • Think visually • Learn the basics of drawing · Spend at least 30 minutes drawing every day · Learn the basics about user experience and interactive design • Complete tutorials about color theory, typography, designing with a grid, and basics of graphic design STOP WAITING, START WORKING Learn Illustrator and Photoshop Spend 1 hour a day working in these programs Fact Ps Ai A study conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics states there will be around 13% increase in demand for graphic designers by 2020. FIND WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO SPECIALIZE · Explore all specializations of graphic design: logo design, web design, mobile apps, stationary, illustrations, book covers, and more · Pick and choose the ones you enjoy to get better at them Focus on what you are good at · Learn to create a consistent brand (from websites to business cards) Fact The Nike swoosh was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971, while she was a student at Portland State University. She was paid $35. BUILD A PORTFOLIO WITH SIDE PROJECTS · Find poorly designed websites, redesign them. - Make mock ups of mobile apps · Enter design contests • Do graphic design exercises · Do spec work • Create an online portfolio, update it regularly PROMOTE YOURSELF & NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! *Only include your strongest work in your portfolio ASK FOR FEEDBACK · Get another set of eyes to look over your work; people in the indus try and those that aren't • Listen to what people say, thank them, and ask questions about what they said · Build good client / designer relationships, learn from each other · Don't be afraid of scrapping designs, work is a process Sources ZILLION Designed by DESIGNS Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved

How Can I Improve my Graphic Design Skills as a Beginner?

shared by ZillionDesigns on Apr 03
This infographic will tell you how to grow your skills as a beginner graphic designer. It's a matter of fact that to build your design skills, you need a solid base of knowledge to improve.


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