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How to build up your typing speed

"click" "click" “click" "click" "click" delete retirement Your S....L...O....W... Typing is Costing You Your Retirement! Say Hello! To the New Voice Command Software 12 11 9. 3 .8 The average worker spends nearly 4 HOURS PER DAY writing email and other communications. The average typing speed is 33 Words a minute. That's just one word about every two seconds. Dictation software can record... 100 100 Words 11 12 1 2" a minute. 4. 6 5 The Tongue is Quicker than the Fingers Software Common Voice Recognition Uses * Control Applications Windows Speech Recognition Write & Edit Documents Siri * Control Applications @ Send Email & Text Messages * Control Applications Write & Edit Documents DRAGON S Business Specific Transcription NATURALLYSPEAKING Google Voice Mail Transcription Voice With the addition of voice recognition software on your cell phone, you can respond to emails and complete correspondence during your commute or while you are running errands, possibly freeing up even more time. Using this software you may be able to free up an extra 3 hours a day since you can work 3x as fast dictating to the software instead of typing out your communication ZHours X4O Years = 1825 days Per Day You could save up to 3 hours a day, which over forty years, adds up to 43,800 hours. That computes to 1825 more days. Can You Really Save that Much Time? Cal, a professional blogger at ,says: "I gave it (Dragon Dictation) a test drive and was really impressed with it. I can pretty much talk normal into it and it will put my words magically into text. Great! This is awesome. Now, how can I use this to blog faster and save me time? Here's what I've started doing. It's also worth mentioning that I can churn out a 1000 word or more, pillar article in a matter of minutes." Kirk McElhearn, an author of several nonfiction books says: "But if you write a lot, and you'd like to be more comfortable when you work, or if, simply, you don't type very quickly, it's worth looking into this software. Dragon Dictate for Mac is an excellent program that has made a lot of progress in the past couple of years, and one that can make a difference in the way you work." Mark MCGuiness, a life coach for creative professionals, says: "You can probably tell that I'm enjoying myself writing via speech recognition..And guess what? I'm now more motivated to write every day. I know from experience - and having coached many writers over the past decade or so - how much resistance and procrastination can get in the way of sitting down to start writing. And I've been delighted to discover that using speech recognition has significantly reduced my resistance to writing." What Can You Do with the Extra Time? If you use this extra time to increase your sales or put in the extra work to get a raise, you may be able to increase your income by at least $3.00 per hour. That $3.00 per hour adds up to an extra $3285 a year or $131,400 over the 40 Years. $10,000 -24.999 $25,000 -49.999 10% 11% 25% Less than $10,000 $50,000 15% -99.999 9% Nearly 25% of Americans between the ages of 45 and 55 have saved less than $10,000 $100,000 -149.999 12% $500 K or more for retirement. $150,000 -249.999 $250,000 -499.999 Are you one of those 25%? Save the time now, so you can put inore money towards your retirement and retire comfortably. If you could contribute the extra $3285 a year to retirement and earn a set return of eight percent on your investment, you could have saved $1,000,000 RETIREMENT NEXT EXIT for your retirement at the end of the 40 years. created by •Accounting

How to build up your typing speed

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This infographic shows the difference between typing and dictation voice command software...




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