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How to Build A Chicken Coop

ÁÁ ÀÀ 18 FEET VVV ..... PLANS FOR BUILDING YOUR AWESOME SQUARE BACKYARD INTERIOR OF COOP 3 TO 5 LAYING HENS ABOUT 12 EGGS PER WEEK COOP One of your first steps toward keeping chickens is to make them a home. Depending on price and TOOLS MATERIALS taste, coops range from simple enclosures to poultry Taj Mahals. The plans shown here offer GENERAL FLOOR ASSEMBLY ROOF ASSEMBLY (0 2x4-56 (40 2x4- directions for building a quality, affordable coop galvanised wood sres (4)2x4-3" aplags (4) galvanized door hinges (2) 2x4-72 that you and your birds can love. (2) door latches (1) 34 plywood - 17 x36 (2) 2x4-26 (1) V2 plywood - x 56" Rofing material - 90 x56" Options include comrugated nooling, composite three-lab stingles, and moe. ) board for ramp WALLS ASSEMBLY (5-6)1x2 boards for ramp "eps (5) 2x4-43.25 (ront wal) (1)214-26 (hont wal) 0 2x4-72" (hont & back) (6) 2x4- 32.25 (back wal) (4) 4x 4 trealed or ceder posts- 36" T () concrete footings 92" Siding material - Use t/r plywood ar ask your local hardware store for additional options. $6 0,0 0 Additional tools may be necessary. Always use power tools with major caution. (2) 2x 4- S15" (side walls) 10" holes can be added to front and back of oof fane to increase Ventilation ROOF FRAMING Secure roof lo tops of uprights FLOOR FRAMING 10 SIDE VIEW FRONT VIEW 26 36" 43,25" 62" exterior siding 26 hinged door 35 4x4 45 54" including framing for roof 36" Ж 26 post 56" 121 opening hinged door 10 72" Ramp 24" APPROXIMATE COST: APPROXIMATE BUILD TIME: Cedar or treated da4 posts in underground contrete footings Yes, it will take resources to build your coop. But don't feel discouraged. If your friends or family are handy with tools, hit them up for halp. And you can save significant money by using salvaged materials. $300 R 3-4 DAYS Ventilation: If you need more ventiation in the coop, add holes to the roof frame (see above). TIME & COST f additional ventilation is needed you can remove one or more of the small 2xd's in the front and back of the roof frame. Securely cover any holes or gaps with 1/2" metal hardware doth. LESS Start with the 4 posts, anchoring them underground with concrete footings (see Floor framing detail for measuring the placement of each post). Then frame the floor and attach the 72" x 36" sheet of 3/4 plywood to the floor frame. Before you begin building, we urge you to do your own research, get extra help, and modify these plans as needed. Also, have big fun. Attach 2x4's flat on the plywood floor, Flush with the floor's outer edge (see 2 The roof may be built separately and completed then raised onto the coop and attached at each upright. Finally, attach the siding install the hinged doors and the ramp, and apply stain or paint to the exterior. GOOD TO KNOW: Front view detail) Then attach the 4 corner uprights (two 2x4's per upright). Next, frame the remainder of the walls,.. following the frant view detail for measurements of the front door. 3 * all dimension lumber is 24 unless otherwise indicated * one nesting box should accommadate 3-5 hens. Try attaching a wooden vegetable crate or other sturdy bas in a corner, about 6-12"off the floor. Add extra nesting boxes it needed STEPS The following steps provide a broad outline of how to construct your coop. If you're new to building, familiarize yourself with basic methods of framing the floors, walls and roof before you begin. Your local hardware store can be a good resource. • to provide inexpensive perches for noctumal roosting, attach several sturdy natural branches across a corner of the coop

How to Build A Chicken Coop

shared by TimothySanders on Dec 10
Henhouse Magazine is a humorous coffee table book for urban chicken enthusiasts. I created this two-page spread infographic to show average folks how to build their own chicken coop.






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