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How to Break Out of a Creative Rut

Creative Rut HOW TO BREAK OUT OF A wwww K's a myth that only highly intelligent people are creative. Research shows that once What keeps people from tapping into creativity are bad habits picked up I throughout the years. Here's a look at 7 of the you pass an IQ. of about 120, intelligence and creativity most common creative blocks and how to break are not at all related. them down. FEARING AMBIGUITY Blahl Blah! People want things to make sense. They tend to break down issues into black and white boxes for clarity. This can lead to disaster. But there are some things If you can embrace the chaos and lack of clarity.. we'll never understand. can have an advantage over others. can become a can create better innovator. some amazing ideas. SEPARATING WORK AND PLAY Letting your mind be at play may be the most effective way to think creatively. Unfortunately, people hear the expression "work hard and play hard" and make them different tasks. REMEMBER, WHEN YOU'RE A CREATIVE THINKER, PLAY AND WORK ARE THE SAME THING. CREATING AND EDITING SIMULTANEOUSLY Thinking creatively and logically at the same time won't get you the best results. When you evaluate, you judge and pick apart ideas, throwing out those that won't work. When you create, you're thinking ahead and considering all possibilities. REMEMBER THINK CREATIVELY FIRST. EDIT LATER. Otherwise, you'll stifle innovative ideas before they have the chance to qrow. WORRYING ABOUT MISTAKES If you try too hard to avoid failure, you'll also avoid success. Don't be afraid of mistakes because you learm from them. Think about these things: What's the worst that can happen if I'm wrong? How can I Often times, the The more chances benefit if you take (and mistakes you make), the more potential negatives. you'll succeed. potential positives I'm right? outweigh the NOT BELIEVING IN YOURSELF IV ME Without confidence, you won't be able to be creative or solve problems. To gain confidence, understand how creativity works: Do Failure Great ideas Nothing is impossible. helps you can initially learn, seem crazy. EVERY PERSON HAS THE ABILITY TO BE CREATIVE. Just tear down the mental barviers you've formed and tap into your inherent abilities. LETTING OTHERS DISCOURAGE YOU You won't be able to avoid every naysayer in the world. They'll tell you: Be sensible Don't rock the boat Conform THIS ADVICE WILL STIFLE YOUR CREATIVITY. THE SOLUTION IGNORE THEM. They'll have les to say when you succeed and display your creative prowes. BEING OVERWHELMED WITH INFORMATION » Believe it or not, it's possible to think about a problem so much that you lose the ability to act. you should start acting. » Be aware of when you should stop collecting information and when You end up filling your Just like it's possible to brain with too much overeat, it's also possible information. to overthink. you can work toward If you recognize that any of these habits have slowed you down in the past, overcoming them in order to embrace and explore your creative side. Sources:

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut

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Think you need to be some kind of genius to be exceptionally creative? Think again. In fact, it’s a common misconception that only highly intelligent people are creative. Research shows that once...


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