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How to Break Bad Habits - In 7 Simple Steps

How to Break Bad Habits in 7 Simple Steps Goals and Plans Accept your bad habits and set goals to get rid of them. Then carefully create a plan that exactly says how you will deal with your bad habit and when you will Self-Awareness and Self-Displine do it Learn to be aware of your self and feel how your are doing. Monitor your own behavior constantly and be very disciplined to avoid slip-ups. The right Approach 3. Find the right approach for you. Some people like the cold turkey way while others may succeed bette by gradually reducing the impact of the bad habit. Remember to your final goal and not just the next step if you do it en steps. Use Obstacles 4 Sometimes it can help to pu obstacles in place to keep you from engaging in bad habits. Try turning your screen so your colleagues can see what your are doing, if you have a habit of using Facebook too much at work. Replacement 5. Instead of elimating your bad habits try to replace them with good habits instead. It will not only make it easier, but you Reward Yourself will also improve your positive behavior at the same time. 6. Remeber to reward yourself when you succeed. This with force your brain to associate the changed behavior with a good feeling, which will help you keep it a good habit. Involve Others Finally the most powerful tool is to tell others that you are trying to break your bad habits. This will motivate your to keep going and they will help you remember and encourage your to keep going. Sprout Tools Source

How to Break Bad Habits - In 7 Simple Steps

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Learn how to break your bad habits and learn new positive behavior, which will help you succeed in your personal life and your work career.


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