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How to Become More Flexible

How to Become MORE FLEXIBLE Want to get healthier without working up a sweat? Stretching can be good for you,' and it can make you more bendy, too! SOME BASIC STRETCHING TIPS 3x If it hurts, you're stretching too far!? Stretch every Warm up with light exercise before stretching' Don't hold your breath? Don't bounce? time you exercise, or at least three times per week? HOW ABOUT A FEW STRETCHES TO GET YOU STARTED? Basic quidelines Slowly stretch and hold for 10 to 30 seconds Repeat each stretch 2) three to five times³ (3 When you repeat, try to go farther as long as it doesn't hurt³ Calf stretch • Stand near a wall, using it as support • Place one foot behind the other • Bend your front leg forward, keeping your back leg straight and your back heel on the floor • Hold and repeat Hamstring stretcho • Sit on the floor with your legs extended straight in front of you • Leading with your arms, bend forward at your waist while keeping your legs straight • Hold and repeat Shoulder stretcht • Grab one end of a towel next to your lower back, and grab the other end behind your head • With your top hand, pull the towel toward the ceiling • Allow this movement to stretch the shoulder of your lower arm • Hold and repeat WHY SHOULD YOU WANT TO BECOME MORE FLEXIBLE? Because stretching may: Improve athletic performance' Decrease the risk of injury' Increase the Boost circulation' range of motion of your joints' NEED MORE FLEXIBILITY? Visit to learn more about our newest and most flexible funding product, QuickQuid FlexCredit! Always consult a physician before engaging in any new physical activity. And remember – flexible can be fun! Sources IStretching: Focus on flexibility. (2011, Feb. 23). Mayo Clinic. Retrieved 20 June 2013, from 2Stretching and flexibility. (2011, March 19). Mayo Clinic. Retrieved 20 June 2013, from BExercise: Exercises to Try. (n.d.). NIHSeniorHealth. Retrieved 20 June 2013, from 4Slide show: A guide to 10 basic stretches. (2011, Feb. 23). Mayo Clinic. Retrieved 20 June 2013, from SHamstring Stretches. (2010, Nov. 12). Retrieved 20 June 2013, from

How to Become More Flexible

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Maintaining flexibility through the years will help your health and fitness more than you can quantify. Whether you’re an old pro or a nervous newbie, this infographic could help you learn the secre...





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