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How to Be a Green Grocery Shopper

HOW TO BE A GREEN GROCERY SHOPPER THE PROBLEM American's thraw away Ôn avevage, 20 pounds of food is thrown away each month, which equals obout 40% $2,275 a year of the food they bring home wasted for a fomily of four Food scvaps ave the FOOD SCRAPS NUMBER I material sent to landfills in the US. Uneaten food accounts for obout 4% Over of all municipal solid waste, contvibuting almost 25% of methane emissions and Costing voughly 380 billion $1.3 billion non veusable bags ave consumed in the each year to tvansport and dump in landfills THESOLUTION Use veusable shopping bags Shop the perimeter of the stove as processed food with lots of (BIO Buy organic Skip the pvoduce bags packaging is found in the center Buy local foods to veduce transpov tation Buy in bulk emissions SKip the beverage section's individually packaged drinks Use coupons only for things you Stick to a shopping list of things you need to avoid over consumption and waste were going to buy anyway Buy things with fewer ingredients: the move ingvedients, the move processed it is Cut down Buy natural cleaners that use plant extracts on disposables Consider meat that is grass fed and locally raised, Eat seasonally: items that are in season Plan your meals ahead of time Take inventory of what you have to make sure you ave probably move local and move cost effective ave not vepurchasing things Consider public tvansportation, biking or walking to the stove 6 Ingredients to Avoid When Shopping o High-Fructose Com Synup o Tvans Fats o Artificial FlavoS o Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) o Artificial Colors o Artificial Sweeteners o Pveservatives SWEEFN JOW Eou Sources: http//marrolvasfirdsantcom/203/0Veco-fvendurgiocenrshapra http//www.9ustoroblinhubret/woste-andveoding/greenyau-gracenrshapping/ http://foodurledvweb/frih/sove-sorve-green http://wwwsheknawscom/wng/aices/SH0/0wastorgorgjeerrat-he-grocenrstovet http//www.lowrvpoctivrgcon/cloa/2005/0/25/eco-fvendrgiocenydhoppng http://wwwlawypacivrgcom/blog/2005/05/15/riremaneursovng tps-foreotnggcerer/ http://arstorg/ortce/200-05-05-greerrgrocenesbudget/ http//wwwrrindbodgreencom/0-ST86/7-ingredents to-fvod-WherrErocenShoppinghtw http://www.rmcon/food/healthureating/blogs/do-arrosthaf-ypur-grocevies-gorinthe-ash http://www.businessweek-com/ondes/2013-0-0/wrgirthentedstates of-food-waste Be Green Onine Buanoa oBusnes Packagng Sro PACKAGING LLC

How to Be a Green Grocery Shopper

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Americans throw away 40% of the food they bring home. On average, 20 pounds of food is thrown away each month. Food scraps are the number one material sent to landfills in the United States. Learn ho...


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