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How are You Serving Those Living Under the Line?

HOW ARE YOU SERVING THOSE LIVING UNDER THE LINE INTERNATIONAL EXTREME POVERTY LINE US $1.25 PPP PER DAY 1.4 BILLION PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD LIVE IN EXTREME POVERTY (as defined by the World Bank to be US $1.25 per day) VED TUF People falling under this line are hard pressed to meet all their basic needs. Since the beginning, God has been concerned with the poor, and Christians everywhere should always remem ber MON THE UNITED STATE MERICA 8773146 J 16 O F48773146 J ONE LD this mission. And that starts with information and understanding. What's most confusing about this statistic is the unit: purchasing power parity (PPP). PPP is used to BUYS WHAT $1.25 ABOUT compare the prices of products and services between countries and YOU IN THE 1/4 OF ONE GALLON currencies. Rather than U.S. OF GAS having the amount US $1.25 per day to spend, people in extreme poverty have the purchasing power of US $1.25 per day. That is, they can buy the same amount of goods and services that someone 1/2 OF A LOAF OF WHITE BREAD 1/32 OF A PAIR OF in the US could buy on $1.25 per day in 2005. JEANS SOUTH ASIA 31% THOSE FARTHEST BELOW THE LINE based available data % of population under the extreme poverty line DEMÓCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO 87.7% LIBERIA 83.8% SUB- SAHARAN EAST ASIA & AFRICA 81.3% 48.5% THE PACIFIC 12.5% MADAGASCAR A PRAY DILIGENTLY WHAT CAN YOUDO? SPONSORING CHILDREN TO PROVIDE THEM WITH FOOD, HEALTH CARE, AND EDUCATION DRILLING WELLS TO PROVIDE CLEAN WATER PLANTING CHURCHES THAT Poverty is a complex issue in which many UNDERSTAND OUTREACH AND SERVICE PROVIDING HEALTH CARE SERVICES factors play a role. Christians around the world are working at helping those in poverty from different angles. Here are just a few. + DISCIPLING BELIEVERS TO GROW IN CHRIST AND REACH OUT TEACHING AND JOB TRAINING RAISING AWARENESS Soures: The World Bank- UN data - Numbeo – g/ - Operation World 7th edition– Sponsored by: To find more inforgraphics Your website is the gateway to your ministry from G MI visit for hundreds of future missionaries. Agency Web Review 2013 Purdhasethe complete report here today.

How are You Serving Those Living Under the Line?

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"I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy." Psalm 140: 12 NIV Sometimes, it's easy to glance over statistics and not think about their real meanings and ...


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