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Hiring Practicies in the Middle East and North Africa

HIRING PRACTICES In the Middle East and North Africa Would you hire a person on Would you hire a person on your team who is older than you? your team who is more skilled, capable and qualified than you? 74.6% Yes 59.6% I would 29.8% Would hire a report who is Older 10.6% 14.9% No 10.4% Not sure No Would you hire a Does your company Aew hiring practices in your organization person who has the provide interview relevant skills needed traning for but no experience in sophisticated? everyone the field? involved in the hiring process? Yes 67.2% 74.6% Yes I think they 14.9% It are 17.9% depends 10.4% No 58.1% 41.9% Not sure Yes NO No 14.9% What is the most common mistake that you have encountered as an employer 28.8% on job seekers' CVs? Hunger/drive/ambition JOB ME! 3.2% Insufficient detail & 22.7% Salary considerations factual evidence 9.8% Poor format 21.3% Sloppy grammar and spelling 13.6% Compatibility 14.8% Not 12.1% Technical skills focused 9.1% Communication & interpersonal skills 19.7% Not customized for the role Education 14.8% Key omissions 9.1% 4.5% Career track record 16.4% Clear exaggerations What is the most common mistake that jobseekers make in an interview? How many people in your organization To what extent do you expect typically interview candidates before they are hired? candidates to follow up on an interview? 1 27.3% Follow up is ESSENTIAL 70% 3 22.7% Follow up gives an advantage but not essential 16.7% 4+ 18.2% People typically interview No need for candidate follow up 8.3% I prefer for candidates not to follow . 28.8% candidates 4 3.0% up 5.0% CRISPY Codes E-mail: [email protected] Poor preparation - 20% Dishonesty - Inappropriate questions/comments - 13.8% Arrivinglate - 13.8% ufficient enthusiasm for role - 12.5% Poor interpersonal skills - 12.5% Yes nappropriate attire - 7.5% Too aggressive - 2.5%

Hiring Practicies in the Middle East and North Africa

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Hiring is always been there whether it's for sort time, fixed time or long goal. In field of IT hiring model always keep buzzing and every one needs employee for project needs. Getting perfect e...


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