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Heating & Cooling- Ideal Ambient Room Temperature for All Seasons

Heating COOLING IDEAL AMBIENT ROOM TEMPERATURE FOR ALL SEASONS When stuck inside all day at work, it's easy to overheat or get too chilly if there isn't any adequate heating or cooling system in place. Sometimes simply opening or closing a window just isn't enough. So, how can we create an ideal ambient room temperature all year round? Summer Here's when things really heat up! With the sun finally coming out to play, pump up the cooling abilities of your air conditioner. Experiment to find the "Goldilocks" temperature - not too hot, not too cold Consider moving people who prefer the cooling effects closer to the air con unit... ..And shifting those who are sensitive to the cold further away > Seasonal suggestion Drinking ice water is an effective and cheap way to keep cool in the summer heat! The highest temperature ever recorded in Britain 38° was in the summer of 2003 with a sizzling... SPRING Spring is a strange season to get to grips with. One minute it's cold, the next it can be glorious blue skies... > Ensure your air conditioner is set to a balanced ambient temperature > Take the weather day-by-day > When it's cold, turn up the air conditioner a few degrees And when it gets a little warmer, turn it down to just above 24°C to really feel the cooling benefits SEASONAL SUGGESTION Wearing suitable clothing allows you to easily control your own body temperature. Dress for the weather! SPRING OF 2013 17°C was UNUSUALLY COLD : temperatures in some places plummeted to... Olutunn One of the trickier seasons to get to grips with. While following on from the warming rays of the summer sun, some autumns can still be relatively warm. Don't turn your air conditioner all the way up to 24°C - that may still be too high for the season Be prepared to play it by ear > Always get a sense of how those in the office feel Seasanal suggeslion Wrap up warm if necessary. Hats and scarves are an efficient way of containing your body heat! The great storm of 1987 120 saw a violent cyclone hit southern England with qusts of up to. WINTER Find a temperature warm enough to defrost the icicles no doubt hanging from your fingers Reverse that air conditioning unit, bring on the heat and discover the warmth your unit can provide > Again, keep people who easily feel the cold closer to the heating unit and vice versa SEASONAL SUGGESTION Close curtains to help keep the heat circulating the room, rather than escaping! The winter of 1963 - was the -20°C COLDEST IN OVER 200YRS with temperatures plummeting to a bitter... Installing a Heating and Cooling system in your office is a cost-effective way to combat all seasons; whether it's blowing a gale or scorching sunshine outside, keeping a comfortable temperature indoors will make all the difference to the office atmosphere. Infographic brought to you by Heritage Designed by SearchQuest TOP TIPS TOP TIPS sohe dop

Heating & Cooling- Ideal Ambient Room Temperature for All Seasons

shared by KarenSQ on Nov 23
Are you wondering how you can efficiently heat and cool your workplace all year round, no matter what season it is? Take a look at some helpful hints and tips in order to keep the ideal ambient tem...


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