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A Healthy Guide for Self-Publishing a Healthy Cookbook for Health Enthusiasts

LitFire PUBLISHING A Healthy Guide for Self-Publishing a Healthy Cookbook for Health Enthusiasts Cookbook Buyers 31% cookbook buyers are men 69% cookbook buyers are women Ages 30-44 (43%) Ages 45-54 (29%) Ages 55-64 (29%) Start by knowing the challenges of self-publishing a healthy cookbook. Cost of self-publishing • Buying and testing your own healthy recipes Expenses for printing the paperback copy Cost of selling it on major book retailers since the sually get a big cut Knowing legal and copyright issues of your cookbook Trying to get a good grasp of the self-publishing industry and its processes SELLING your healthy cookbook Don't worry, you can overcome those challenges with these tips. Find your niche • Think of your expertise • Create a profile of your target audience • Match your ideas and the preferences of your market Prepare your list of healthy recipes Keep the cooking instructions clear and simple • Make sure the ingredients, items to be used as well as devices are affordable and readily available to your target audience Double-check your healthy recipes Check the measurement at least thrice Taste-test the food at least twice Go over the instructions at least twice Proofread the whole book • Make edițing a priority after writing the cookbook Grammatical errors and data inaccuracy will only make your cookbook look unprofessional Make sure the layout is: Professional-looking Consistent throughout the whole book Be creative in the: • Recipe titles Headnotes Placement of photos Read relevant reading resources about copyright before publishing. • Know your rights as an author • Determine the limitations of copyright • Think of ways to further protect your intellectual property from most copyright violations Keep a trusted assistant. • Contact a self-publishing company who offers professional services that suits your needs and budget • Try to reach out to your friends and family for support in every possible way Don't forget to include high quality and sumptuous photos. Make sure they are taken at a good angle in an env iment with good lighting condition Be creative in taking the photos at different angles DON'T include pixelated or distorted photos After writing a high-quality healthy cokbook, try these marketing tricks. ONLINE: • Use blogs effectively; write guest blog posts for other famous healthy cookbook personalities • Send free copies of the cookbook to professional reviewers in exchange for a review • Promote yourself actively but professionally in social media Post interactive contents, podcasts, videos and images in your site or blog Conduct webinars and other related events online OFFLINE: Pitch the book to different media outlets · Accept interviews on TV and radio · Write cooking articles for newspapers - Host a cooking lecture at local grocery stores, schools and other places Go on a book tour · Hold book signing events • Join big events for healthy cookbook authors and health enthusiasts · Speak at various seminars related to your cookbook niche Words of Wisdom: Practical Tips from Best-Selling Authors "Enlist help. Don't try to save money by thinking you can do things yourself. Hire an editor. Hire someone to help you write recipes if you need to. Take your time to find a designer that you like and feel comfortable working with. Look at other self-published authors' covers that you like to get recommendations. Have friends and family test out recipes. It's great being an RDN and having colleagues who can cook. I asked a few of them to contribute recipes for the cookbook." Angela Grassi "Almost every self published book I've ever seen looks self published. The cover, graphics and design just don't look as professional as a commercially published book. I was blessed to have my daughter, Jennifer Truman do all the editing, layout and design. She is a work-at-home mom now but used to do editing and design for a publishing company. My cover shots were all taken from a monthly food column I write for a top quality magazine. I would not even think about publishing without professional assistance in those areas" Bruce Cadle "There are no 'sides' in all this – There is no either/or approach. There are pros and cons to it all but overall, between no book or an 'ok' self-published book (in content and production) and a potential Pulitzer prize winner (or thwarted or unattempted dream) languishing in your drawer or a Word file – I will take the mediocre (or not) self-published book. I suggest you do too." Marcy Goldman "Most importantly, have a plan, stick to it or revise it but at all costs move forward. Give it your all. Your book can be your best product" Jill Nussinow Sources: hittp:// you-can-do-ihings-yourself/ hitp:// hittp:// hittp:// hitp:// LitFire PUBLISHING НHI

A Healthy Guide for Self-Publishing a Healthy Cookbook for Health Enthusiasts

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Health is wealth, even in the self-publishing industry. If you have a healthy cookbook – error-free content, interesting and unique recipes, and professional front cover- as well as a good plan in m...


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