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Hardwood Horrors

Hardwood Horrors Cleaning Methods That IO Won't Work for Your Floors 1 Vinegar X Effect Erodes your finish • Sorry, Grandma: Vinegar is actually highly acidic, and it will erode your floor's finish. • Vinegar doesn't dissolve surface oils. Think salad dressing. VINEGAR X Ammonia 2 Effect Drains color • Ammonia will drain color from your floor. It's a "basic" solution with pH 11. Think of laundry bleach, another base with about the same pH. Ammonia 3 Lots of Water X Effect Expands the wood • Wood expands when it absorbs standing water, causing it to swell and crack. Steam Cleaner 4 Effect Dulls color • The heat and moisture from steam cleaners can discolor your floor. • The condensed water will eventually be absorbed, causing swelling. 5 Vacuum X Effect with a beater bar Scratches your floor • The bar's rough bristles, meant to trap dust, can permanently scratch your floor. X Old Broom 6 Effect Scratches your floor •A coarse, dusty broom will do more harm than good to your floor's surface. Oil-Based X Effect soaps and detergents Dulls your finish • These soaps can leave a milky residue and even interfere with recoating later. DETERGENT Nonmoving X Ārea Rugs 8 Effect Discolors your floor • Rugs can catch dirt and dust, but leave them in one place too long and the lack of sunlight will cause inconsistency in color. 9 Wax Effect on a urethane finish Tarnishes urethane finishes Wax can seriously tarnish urethane finishes, the most popular type of flooring finish in America. WAX Generic X Dust Treatment 10 Effect Slicks your floor • These can cause your floors to become slick and interfere with future recoating. DUST TREATMENT The Correct Cleaner Use a near pH neutral, residue-free formula made specifically for hardwood flooring. For more cleaning tips, ask a hardwood flooring expert. Sources: • World Floor Covering Association • National Wood Flooring Association • Environmental Protection Agency • Oregon State University • • National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association WE ASKED 250 PEOPLE WHICH METHOD WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO CLEAN HARDWOOD? THE CORRECT CLEANER 10 20 VINEGAR AMMONIA LOTS OF WATER 31 STEAM CLEANER 31 VACUUM CLEANER 31 OLD BROOM 50 OIL-BASED SOAPS AND 39 DETERGENTS NONMOVING * AREA RUGS WAX ON A URETHANE FINISH 14 GENERIC DUST TREATMENT 10 GET IT RIGHT, KEEP IT CLEAN YOUR HARDWOOD WILL THANK YOU! LUMBER LIQUIDATOR$ HARDWOOD CLEANER

Hardwood Horrors

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There’s a right way to clean your floor & a WRONG way! Find out what you shouldn’t do, and then learn the correct way to keep your floors looking brand new.


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