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Hand Tools

To tulululudu. whudulude Combination Universal Vernier Bevel( Optical BevelN Dowel ( Try dudulukuu >Micrometer Qudululauhuutuulula Bevel Protractors Divider SQUARES Saddle Framing PROTRACTORS RULES Hook >Rafting CALIPERS Edge JIGS Circular Magnetic Inside >Cross Check FINDERS >odd Leg Plumb Bob Dial Outside Vernier Tapering ( .... Metal Tools That Measure LEVELS LINE Mortise( Chalk Mason's >Cutting TAPE MEASURES Water GAUGES Bullseye > Plastic Bevel Adhesive COMPASSES dechdakikdehal SAWHORSES Locking-Jaw Scribe Quadrer >Needle-Nose Bench Wrecking Bar( Square Recess Digging Bar PRY BARS >Torx Plus Tools That Stabilize Wing Torz VISES wane >Slip-Joint Rock Pick Drywall PLIERS Tamper Resistant SCREWDR IVERS Соmтon Framing Нех Snap-Ring ( > Torx Plus Square Recess Slotted Spanner Bor Pipe Pozidriv Tri-Wing | Face Tools That Manipulate STrigger HAM MERS Strap HAND TOOLS The Chart Of Flat Tip Blunt Tip ( CLAMPS > Pipe T WEEZERS > Tack Ball-Peen( Handsereuw Needle Tip Spring Lath Hamm er C-Clamp >Rubber F-clamp Corner Beetle Pipe Torx Brass, Sраппer > Angle Keys Allen WRENCHES Adjustable Copper MARKING KNIVES Mallets Nail Speed Handle Letter Crowfoot Ratcheting Box Tools That Mark Socket PUNCHES Lead Corner Roll Pin Breaker Bar Split Head Ratchet | Carpenter's Pencil Standard ( Mortise >V-groove Paring Parting Skew Hatchet Hook Carving( Hand Axes & Hatchets Chisels CARVING CHISELS Straight BACK SA WS Belt Axe >Dovetail Cutting >Dovetail Flooring Veiner GOUGES Scoop Carving Knives Double Belt | Fret Slick Straight Head Turning Veneer Coping CARVING TOOLS Hacksaw Напd Saws Adzes AWLS Wires > Curved Head wwwhwhuhmm Вошс Froe >Rectangular >Bradaw! Frame Тио-Маn Scratch AXES SCRAPERS Drawknife Scribe Gooseneck Checkering Sanding Block Riffler >Sanding Sponge Slater's Rasps > Pole Sander Sanding Tools > Carpenter's >Sanding Pad > Needle Tools That Divide SHAVING TOOLS Files Nut >Small Fired Blade Jack Dreadnought Pippin Large Fired Blade >Crossing Breast Bullnose Brace >Grooving E qualling ( Combination Warding Rabbet ( Joint Round Edge ( Fingers Scrub Three-Square HAND DRILLS Наnd Planes Square UTILITY KNIVES Jointer( Router Gimlet > Eggbeater Drill Plow Push ( Moulding Shoulder Compass ( EHART / 1000 >Sledgehamm e uapooM > C'arpenter's Hatchet Carving Sdung awhide >Roofing Hatche. > dayuoy > Self-Adjusting > Ореп-Еnd pug-zog 2 Angle 2Beam >sd!11!4. ahuduksuduksu >Striking Face Box V >Combinati on Polishing Sanding Stick Chip Carving aaDysu >punoy Spokeshave 21-beam Slitting •) Straight Ed ge > Table Transfer Japanese >Crochet aatmamatuodurla ривн Half Round Ring 11Dja a oa

Hand Tools

shared by onebourbon on Nov 23
A hand-crafted compendium of ingenious and essential devices, this chart is a complete cut-list of the tools that empower makers and artisans.


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