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A Guide to Using Social Media in your Job Search

A GUIDE TO USING SOCIAL MEDIA in your job search Changes in technology have revolutionised the job search sector. Whereas in the past jobseekers had to spend their weekends circling adverts in the newspaper, they can now search for new roles on their mobile devices at their convenience. NOW HIRING 51% of employees are actively seeking or are open to a new job It's estimated that 30% 43% of jobseekers of all Google searches are now employment related have used their mobile to look for a new job HOW EMPLOYERS USE TECHNOLOGY Yet, although the market has changed there are many things that remain the same. Above all employers are still looking for reliable, knowledgeable and hardworking employees and a referral from a trusted source remains the preferred way to find them - 40% of hires are the result of an employee referral. 73% 89% OF 18-34 YEAR OLDS FOUND THEIR LAST JOB THROUGH A SOCIAL NETWORK OF ALL RECRUITERS HAVE HIRED SOMEONE THROUGH LINKEDIN Of all jobseekers that used social media in their job-search the general consensus was that social job seekers were younger, wealthier and more highly educated 40% 30% WERE AGED 30-39, 30% WERE 18-29, AND 9% WERE 55+ OF THOSE WHO USED SOCIAL MEDIA TO GET A JOB EARNED 100K+ So as the sector continues the inevitable march towards a more social-media driven marketplace, here is some guidance on which platforms you should use and how you should use them. TWITTER Twitter is a fantastic resource for jobseekers as it allows you to search hashtags related to your job search - or even #jobsearch itself! Follow the companies that you aspire to work for and be the first to know when they have a VACANCY vacancy. Tweetdeck can send you an alert every time a tweet featuring a particular hashtag is posted. FACEBOOK As it's used by so many of us it is the most effective networking platform and is also great for presenting yourself as a well-rounded person with an active life outside of work. This also means it has the potential to be the most damaging, with 42% of employers having reconsidered a candidate based on what they have seen on the social media site. HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR PROFILE 92% of employers stated that they now use Social media to find out more about their candidates; its therefore important that jobseekers maintain their profiles with this in mind. TIPS ON KEEPING YOUR PROFILE EMPLOYER-FRIENDLY Tip I Post updates that reflect your interests and your professional expertise. Avoid posting about personal problems such as relationships, money issues, etc. Connect with people and companies in your sector as well as those who are related to your interests. Try to present yourself as a professional, but also as a well rounded person Tip 2 with a life outside of work. Tip 3 Use spelling and grammar correctly – spell-check and proofread your posts. Tip 4 Maintain a work appropriate photo section. Tip S Manage privacy settings – if you choose to continue using social media for inappropriate activity ensure your profile is set to private. HOW TO USE LINKEDIN Linkedin is the most popular website for seeking and offering job opportunities with as many as 94% of employers active on the network. For jobseekers, it offers a professional platform and is a very simple site to use; fill in your employment and education history and add a photo - something that showcases your personality. Linkedin will grade your profile on a percentage out of 100 and suggest ways in which you can improve it. Top tip In order to stand out avoid using clichés wherever possible. Remember that employers will be scrolling through a large number of profiles that are all alike in their appearance and content. A recent press release issued by LinkedIn revealed the 10 most clichéd buzzwords in Creative Track Record Motivated Extensive Experience Dynamic Communication Organisational Skills Problem Innovative Solving Effective TUMBLR Sharing links to your own blog is a great way to make your profile more exciting and professional. It's not easy to post a regular stream of thoughts and ideas over an extended period of time, so maintaining a good blog is a great way to showcase your dedication and passion for your craft. The practice of maintaining a blog will also improve your professional abilities. You're writing and organisational skills will begin to improve almost immediately and your proficiency as a networker soon after, particularly as those with interests similar to yours begin to comment on and share your work. SOURCES "bcl legal recruitment %23

A Guide to Using Social Media in your Job Search

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The rise of social media has revolutionised many aspects of modern life and none more so than the job search market. The 2014 Social Recruiting Survey conducted by Jobsite suggests that the process of...


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