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Guide to Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

GUIDE TO SURVUIVING A net ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ON A BUDGET Okay, here's the situation: You've become privy to some insider knowledge that's yet to leak into the mainstream population. A virus is about to break loose, transforming everyone it comes into contact with into a mindless, flesh-eating member of the undead. There's nothing that can be done to stop it. Disaster is imminent and the zombie apocalypse is finally at hand. But you've got an advantage... YOU'VE HAD AN ADVANCE WARNING. YOU CAN PREPARE, YOU CAN GATHER SUPPLIES, YOU CAN BE SAVED... BUTYOU'VE ONLY GOT FIFTY DOLLARS. Time is of the essence. The poop and the fan haven't connected quite yet. Mass rioting, looting and Marshall law might be mere days away but right now everything is as it should be. This means that you'll have to prepare in secret, purchasing your supplies in a paranoid, caffeine powered frenzy whilst trying desperately to remain calm. Your $50 budget is now your top priority. You'll need to milk it for all it's worth because soon a decent roll of toilet paper will be worth its weight in gold. And hey, the world may be going down the toilet but that's no excuse for ignoring a good deal! Let's get started... ESSENTIAL KIT BACKPACK Make sure it's sturdy, comfortable and big. It'l| hold all the items that you can no longer live without so you don't want it falling apart at the first sign of trouble. This backpack from Walmart is only $3.99 in the sale and would be a wise investment. $19 AXE Protection is now key. An axe has no sound (won't attract zombies), isn't ammo sensitive (more kills for your money) and is very easy to carry. This reliable little number is only $5.99 Happy whacking! $5.99 TORCH The lumbering undead won't be deterred by nightfall. You'll have to keep your wits about you even during the darkest hours. This $3.62 head torch from Walmart will no doubt come in handy for spotting walking worm-feats in the dead of night before they spot you: $3.62 WATER BOTTLE Clean water will be a very rare commodity. When you find it you'll need something to store it in, like this 650ml sports bottle at just 99c, not even the Dead would refuse. 99C WALKIE TALKIES If The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it's that eventually someone gets lost. When you're forced to split your rag-tag group of survivors into two search parties, these $11.39 micro walkie talkies are sure to come in useful...while their PEN KNIFE Clothes, rope, ragged human never know what you might need to cut in a hurry. $4.68 Walmart batteries last. $IL39 $4.68 PETROL CAN In this dangerous new world cars will be easy pickings - it's the petrol that you'll struggle getting hold of. When you find it, you'll want to take it with you. Better have a petrol can at the ready. $8.99 Walmart. $8.99 LIGHTER It's surprising how quickly you'lIl learn to miss instant fire and heat. Plus, how else do you think you're going to light all those home-made explosives you'll be forced to make? NOTE: Keep away from petrol can. $3.95 Target TOILET PAPER $3.95 Of course, some things will stay the same. When you've got to go, you've got to go and an undead uprising is no excuse for poor hygiene. $2, Walmart $L.48 FIRST AID KIT WET WIPES In fact, better throw in some wet wipes too. No one likes mucky fingers. 99C, Target You'll need this to clean up bites, scratches and any other injury you may sustain whilst living as a post-apocalyptic zombie warrior. Make no mistake, it's a hard life. Walmart, $2.39, bargain. $2.39 WE'VE GOT IT IN THE BAG 25 tacial wipes TOTAL PRICE $48.96 FOR MORE TERRIFYINGLY GOOD CODES AND DEALS VISIT WWW.NETVOUCHERCODES.CO.UK

Guide to Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

shared by 4dxmedia on Oct 22
Here at NetVoucherCodes Towers, we got to wondering what WE might do if we received some advance warning of an impending flesh-eating epidemic. Clearly some preparations would need to be made but what...



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