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The Full Guide to 1940s Pin-up Look

PINUP HAIR & MAKEUP LOOKS The unique look of the 1940s pinup girl is one that has been adoringly emulated by women of all ages for decades. From victory curls to red lipstick, it's a style that is simultaneously retro and timeless. Take a look at these iconic pinup girl images, and read on to find out how to easily look just like them. Bouffant Updo With Victory Curls: * Section off the crown area of your hair from temple to temple. * Separate the section into layers, rolling and securely pinning each one into a heat roller. * Allow curls to set, then remove rollers, loosely brushing the curls out with your fingers. * Starting from the area closest to your face, section off the remaining layers of hair and use bobby pins to fasten them to the top of your head directly beneath the bundle of curls. * Set with hairspray. Makeup Lips: This look calls for a dark shade of red lipstick. Aim for something like Bodyography's Red China. Face-Framing Curls: * Deep part your hair to one side. * Starting from the top of the part framing your face, use a large barrel iron to curl the hair, 2-inch sections at a time. * Gently loosen the curls by brushing them out with your fingers. * Set curls with a finishing product, like American Crew's Grooming Spray. Makeup Lips: A bright, red lip color is essential for this look. Try Bloom Cosmetics' Bella lipstick to really make your lips pop. Eyebrows: Use an eyebrow pencil to closely outline the natural shape of your eyebrows. Then, use the pencil to fill them in so they appear darker and more defined. Eyeshadow: Lightly brush your eyelids with blue eyeshadow. Don't go overboard, though. A subtle hint of blue is more than enough to make a statement. Loose, Voluminous Curls: * Before styling, be sure to coat your hair with volumizing spray. * Deep part your hair and curl 2-inch sections with a large curling iron all the way around your head. * Brush out the curls for a flowy, voluminous effect. Makeup Lips: Apply a deep shade of red lipstick to your lips. Then apply a thin layer of sheer gloss for a sleek finish. Eyelashes: If you aren't naturally blessed with long, full lashes like this beach beauty, don't fret. You can achieve the sultry, long-lashed look by acquiring false lashes on the cheap. Check out the Sephora Collection for a wide variety of quality falsies to choose from. Cheeks: Apply a small amount of light bronzer to your cheeks above the cheekbones and blend evenly. You can also substitute a rosy blush if bronzer isn't your thing. Flower Accessory * An adorable hibiscus flower accessory adds a sweet, Hawaiian touch to this shorter hairstyle. Check out for a cute and affordable selection. Ponytail Bouffant * Gather up the top section of your crown and pull it back into a small ponytail, securing it with a small elastic. * Gently push the ponytail towards the front of your scalp until the roots begin to puff out. * Hairspray the style into place. * Use a curling iron to curl the ends of the bottom half of your hair. Bumper Bangs * Using a fine-toothed comb, section off your hair from the middle of your head down to the front. * Curl this section of hair towards you with a medium-sized curling iron. * Take a donut hair ring that has been cut in half and roll it from the tip of the curled section to the top of your forehead. * Securely fasten the edges of the rolled bangs with bobby pins. * Secure even more thoroughly with hairspray. And there you have it! After following these simple steps, you'll be looking like a classic, pinup beauty in no time. Source: OGLE SCHOOL HAIRS KIN.NAILS

The Full Guide to 1940s Pin-up Look

shared by ogleschools on Dec 14
The women of the 1940s are considered beauty symbols to this very day! Want to transform your appeal into something much better? Check out the full guide to obtaining the 1940s pin-up look, prepared b...


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