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Fat Wallet becoming a Pain? Beat the Bulge, NOW!

SLIM YOUR WALLET- *** VS+ THIS THIS BULKY, UNTIDY, UNCOMFORTABLE SLIM, ORGANISED, EFFICIENT! STEP1 UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHAT THE PROBLEM IS BEAT THE BULGE We've all been guilty of it, but it's time to slim down your wallet. We have slim phones which fit snugly in our pockets... And they give little to no hassle! Make sure your wallet is doing the same. THE 3 MAIN CULPRITS CARD CULPRIT 1 os s120 CULPRIT 2 SEPARATED CARDS RECEIPTS CARD Think about it... You're just adding air and leather between them. Do you really need ALL those ASDA receipts? If you do, we'll show you how to cut down next. CULPRIT 3 COINS Just, why? They scratch and break your cards, destroy the leather, and create a chaotic jingling mess. STEP 2 LETS FIX THE PROBLEM SEPARATE YOUR CARDS GREDIT CARD 5454 000 I 1 222 DAILY CARDS MONTHLY CARDS Your main 2 or 3 cards you use daily should be in the main slots (these will probably be your ID and main credit cards). Stack the cards you'd use the least into a flat section together. No leather between the cards reduces bulk. Simples! STEP 3 LETS FIX THE PROBLEM PHOTOGRAPH RECEIPTS ATM *$20 for foolball poot * pizza Use your Smartphone to photograph receipts and email them to yourself. A photo works for warranties, accounts, or lodging claims. And let's face it, you won't be getting a refund for that Mars Bar you ate yesterday. Bin those pesky receipts! STEP 4 LETS FIX THE PROBLEM ** REDUCE YOUR COINS Store your coins anywhere except your wallet, where possibie. If you really need coins (e.g. for that essential morning cup of coffee). prioritise a few higher worth ones and get rid of the rest! You'l feel better for it.. Promise! NIGEL OHARA ESTABLISHED 1085

Fat Wallet becoming a Pain? Beat the Bulge, NOW!

shared by CreareInfographics on Nov 12
Is forcing your bulging wallet into your pocket every morning becoming increasingly difficult? We’ll bet it is. Check out this infographic from the expert team at Nigel O’Hara, they’ll show you ...


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