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Family Travel Hacks Infographic

Family Travel Hacks For A Stress Free Journey Before You Go Get the kids to help plan so they get really excited! create an itinerary and pre-book as much as you can... .you'll save money; last minute doesn't work with tired children! Print out all documentation and carry it with you in a folder when you go. Packing passports tickets kids Make a list of everything you need or download a packing checklist. Pack a change of clothes and underwear for everyone in carry-on bags in case of lost luggage. Pack a first aid kit, so you're ready for emergencies! Include: • antihistamine cream • antiseptic wipes • plasters O painkillers If possible, buy certain bulky items online and have them sent to where you're staying: • nappies • wipes Roll clothes rather than fold them - you'll fit much more in, and it minimises wrinkles! Socks, smaller clothing items and underwear are super-useful! • Use them to fill gaps in your suitcase and stop things moving around. • Roll them up and pack them inside shoes to help them keep their shape. • Use them to pad out breakable items so they don't get broken. Pack shoes in shopping bags or even a shower cap to stop them from dirtying your clothes. Let your kids "help" by packing their own carry-on bags (best to check before you leave that they've remembered Teddy!) Pack heavy stuff at the bottom of your case (near the wheels) to stop it squishing your clothes. Travelling By Plane If you're travelling with a baby, take the aisle seat so you can get up and move around without disturbing anyone. Feed babies during takeoff - the sucking helps with the pressure in their ears. Have an emergency nappy bag to hand (nappies, wipes and a change of clothes), as there WILL be a nappy explosion! create a "goody bag" to keep kids occupied, this could include: • small toys and / or games • colouring books and crayons • puzzle books • comic book / novel • some healthy treats • playing cards Choose flights that fit with your kids' sleep schedule and recreate "bedtime" on board: • change into pyjamas brush teeth read story Story Time Travelling By Car create an "I Spy" bottle fill a bottle with sand or rice, and beads, shells, buttons and other small trinkets. Then get them to “hunt" for the items. If you've got a long drive, have plenty of pitstops so the kids can let off steam. But if they're sleeping, keep driving! Discuit Pack a picnic to save money on expensive food at service stations or attractions. When You Get There Bring some handwash detergent, and you'll be able to wash clothes in your hotel sink or bathtub - perfect for messy beach or pool days! talc Baby powder is great for cleaning sandy feet after a day at the beach! • Have a "dirty laundry" bag to keep used clothes separate from clean ones. • To help with sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, pack your kids' nightlight. If you're eating out, bring a “restaurant kit", including: bibs • kiddie cutlery • wet wipes crayons • pictures to colour Brought to you by: shoezone Sources

Family Travel Hacks Infographic

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If you have kids, then you're pretty much always due a holiday. However, just getting there can become an ordeal when your kids are in tow. Long journeys are barely enjoyable as it is, add restless ch...




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