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Extreme Tightwad Tips

EXTREME TIGHTWAD TIPS .......---I FROM THE SENSIBLE TO THE SNEAKY AND EVEN THE SILLY .... SENSIBLE DON'T CHUCK FRUIT THAT'S PAST ITS BEST use it in smoothies or baking COOK YOUR FOOD IN BIG BATCHES - not only are you likely to reduce waste but you'll cut the cost of cooking your meals MIX WATER WITH WHITE DISTILLED VINEGAR OR WITH BAKING SODA - to make your own low-cost (and environmentally friendly) cleaning products VISIT SUPERMARKETS AN HOUR OR SO BEFORE CLOSING TO TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF CUT-PRICE NEARLY-EXPIRED FOODS -can't eat everything before it's past Its use-by date? Freeze it EAT BEFORE YOU GO FOOD SHOPPING - you'll be less likely to reach for junk you don't need HAVE A "FREEZER WEEK" - where you stop buying food and eat your way through what you already have in the house HAVE A IF YOU'RE STILL PAYING FOR OVERSEAS CALLS, caller STOP “NO-SPEND-DAY" ONCE A WEEK (OR MORE) use an app like Viber, Skype or Whatsapp to call for free instead AVOID IMPULSE BUYING SNEAKY AVOID THE TEMPTATION TO BE AN EARLY ADOPTER OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES - you'll pay more and generally get a worse product (since any bugs won't yet have been ironed out) KEEP A JUG OF WATER IN THE FRIDGE NOT IN A RUSH? DRIVE AT 55MPH ON MOTORWAYS - this is the optimum speed for fuel efficiency - İnstead of running the tap until it gets COLD WASTE WINE just drink it, or failing that turn it into vinegar BUY CHRISTMAS GIFTS AND DECORATIONS WELL IN ADVANCE IN THE CHRISTMAS SALES THE YEAR BEFORE YOUR MEAT "WHOLE" AND BUTCHER IT YOURSELF WHERE POSSIBLE, THAW FOODS BEFORE YOU COOK THEM - you'll reduce the cooking time and cost ZELECTRIC OVENS OFF FIVE MINUTES BEFORE YOUR FOOD'S DONE - you will still have a perfectly cooked meal due to the long cooling down time ASK A FRIENDLY GOT A SPARE NEIGHBOUR IF THEY MIND YOU SHARING THEIR BEDROOM? - rent it out! INTERNET CONNECTION SILLY WASTE MONEY ON COSTLY CONDIMENTS - some establishments provide patrons with free sachets of sauce GET FREE FOOD SAMPLES - they are there for you to take advantage of, so just keep going back until you feel full NEVER PAY A PUB FOR A LEMONADE - ask for water with lemon and help yourself to a sachet of sugar It might not taste the same, but who cares? It's free! TELL FRIENDS AND FAMILY THEN BUY THEIR GIFTS YOU'RE GOING AWAY OVER CHRISTMAS, IN THE SALES REUSE OLD CALENDARS FROM YEARS WITH 114 13 12 10 20 69 19 16 CORRESPONDING DATES 17 128 16 26 125 24 - in 2016 you can use calendars from 1988, 1960, and 1932 23 30 19 DON'T CHUCK USED PAPER TOWELS - let them dry off and they'll be good as new (well, almost) WASHING MACHINES ARE FOR MUGS - Just place your clothes in the shower and stamp on them And on that note, sklp the shower every other day! SHARE YOUR TIGHTWAD TIPS WITH US ON OUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES! S snizl TURN DON'T DON'T BUY

Extreme Tightwad Tips

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Want to save money? Want to make sure that your money goes as far as possible. This infographic runs through sensible money making tips, ideas on how to save money sneakier methods. It them moves on ...




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