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Doomsday Essential Items Infographic

DOOMSDAY ESSENTIALS SURVIVOR'S BUG-OUT BAG LIST MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS WATER & PURIFICATION Hatchet, Duct tape, Electrical tape, Aluminum foil, Siphon/hand pump, GPS system, Garden wire, Assorted electrical fuses, Trekking poles, Bandana, Binoculars, Chocolate, Vinegar, Survival blanket, Zip ties, Pet considerations, Child considerations 3 Liters drinking water Hard plastic water bottle Metal water bottle/canteen Metal drinking cup Collapsible bottle/bladder Purifying straw Hand-pum purifier lodine Tablets/other capsule FIRE STARTING Bleach Lighter Waterproof matches Magnifying glass Cotton balls Condoms [Unlubricated) Steel wool Tea candles Altoids box Trick birthday candles Emergency signal flair Waterproof storage container Magnesium rod & steel striker FOOD PREPARATION & CATCHING MRE/dehydrated meals Protein/energy bars) Powdered drink mix Dried fruit,nuts,jerky Salt & Peper Metal pot & Can apener Portable stove FIRST AID Fishing kit Share wire Antibiotic ointment Sterile gauze Assorted bandages Painkillers Antihistamines Medical tape CLOTHING Surgical tubing Cottan balls Long sleeve shirt Pant Underwear Wool socks Fleece jacket Raingear Gloves Tampon Tweezers Scissors Safety pins Suture kit Insect repellant Razor blade Hat/ Scarf Вots Hydrogen Peroxide TOOLS SHELTER BUILDING Survival knife Tarp/plastic sheet Lightweight tent Sleeping bag Ground Pad Compact hammock Cordage Multi-tool Pry/Crowbar Wire saw SELF-DEFENSE Pepper spray Handgun Riffle PERSONAL HYGIENE Ammo TRAVELING Toothbrush Cleaning kit Gun Lubrication Holster/sling Toilet paper Disinfecting wipes Hand sanitizer Soap Mirror Local map Compass $100- 500 assorted cash Gold/Silver coins Waterproof paper and pen Emergency whistle ILUMMINATION Dental floss Headlamp LED keychain light Steel LED flashlight Sun block Quick-dry towel Glow stick Candles Spare batteries ESSENTIAL DO0MSDAY ITEMS CAN OPENER HIKING BOOTS Hand-powered can opener would give you access to a multitude of canned items on a regular basis. You'll suffer from foot blisters unless your feet are in high-quality hiking boots MEDICAL HANDBOOK ENTRENCHING WEAPON A reliable medical handbook can help you deal with everything from making a sling for a broken arm to building a splint for a sprained finger Made of durable steel, this item will help you dig holes and cut trees for shelter, and because it's heavy, you can swing it as a weapon if you need to COMPASS SPACE BLANKET A warm space blanket would keep you comfortable regard- less of how low the mercury Even without a map, a compass in the hands of a knowledgeable user will help that person get around drops МАТСHES A big box of wooden matches would be a helpful item to carry. Matches are light, they don't take up a lot of space and they are very handy when you're trating yourself to a hot meal or just buiding a fire for warmth CRANK-POWERED FLASH Equipping yourself with a flashlight would be a smart move, and given that batteries probably won't be at your disposal following doomsday. Going with a crank-powered model SWISS ARMY KNIFE WATER-PURIFYING The Swiss Army knife has a dual CANTEEN purpose: for protection and for hunting any animals you A water-purifying canteen is essential; simply fill it with water from any river or lake and its internal filter will remove toxins and viruses, making it completely drinkable encounter SURVIVAL MASTERY Source: TIPS TO BECOME A SURVIVALIST In the event of disaster, food, water and energy make the difference between life and death. Designate an area of the home or garage to store supplies and make sure it's secure. STOCK A ONE-MONTH SUPPLY Making a hobby of camping, especially backpacking, translates well to prepper survival skills. Plus, if you have all the right gear, those camping supplies make the perfect to-go bag if you don't have time to gather resources before leaving the house. BE AN AVID CAMPER No matter the circumstances, create a plan of action with your family and go over that plan every few months to ensure everyone is on the same CREATE AN PLAN/EXIT STRATEGY It's not enough to own a gun - you need to know how to use and, more importantly, maintain it. Skills like breaking down a weapon, cleaning it, and even assembling you own ammo are huge advantages in survival situations. KNOW YOUR WEAPON

Doomsday Essential Items Infographic

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Survivors bug out bag list for doomsday and tips how to become a survivalist


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