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DIY Candy Buffet

CANDYSTORE .com DY CANDY BUFFET ASTEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN AWESOME CANDY BUFFET Whether it's a baby shower, a children's party, a wedding or even a corporate event, candy buffets add the sweet touch to your event. Make sure you plan your candy buffet set up in advance, here's a step-by-step guide that will help you tackle this like a pro. HOW MANY GUESTS WILL BE ATTENDING? This way you'll know how much candy you need 2 CALCULATE 2 LBS. of candy per guest FOR LARGE EVENTS AND WEDDINGS 1/2 you should have 8 - 10 types of candy pound FOR SMALLER EVENTS (UNDER 100 GUESTS) you should include 5-8 types of candy FOR LARGER GUEST COUNTS, order more bulk Order ONE INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED CANDY per guest. candy and less individually portioned sweets A&G | 2 WHAT AGES ARE THE GUESTS THAT WILL BE ATTENDING? This way you'll know what types of candy you need Determine if your guests are YOUNG, OLD OR A MIX POPULAR CANDIES AMONG KIDS include character themed based PRINCESSES Themed Candy PIRATES Themed Candy CARTOONS Themed Candy candy such as: WILL THE CANDY BUFFET SERVE AS A DIY FAVOR STATION? HOW BIG WILL THE FAVOR BAG/BOX going to be? THE BIGGER A THE BAG/BOX the more candy you'll need 3 IF YOU OPT FOR A BIGGER BAG/BOX, make sure to include big candy items or cookies and cupcakes that will take up space 4 DETERMINE THE SPACE AND SIZE OF THE TABLE DECIDE WHERE YOU WANT the candy buffet to be positioned SIZE SELECT THE SIZE ilılılılılılilılılı of the table 3 CHOOSE HOW THE CANDY WILL BE DISPLAYED Tall vessels Jars Small bowls Cake and cupcake stands Trays Platters Decorative boxes DECIDE ON A THEME AND COLORS SUMMIES DECIDE on a theme and colors CHOOSE COLORS CHOOSE 3 TO 4 colors Pick out the around event's PRINTABLES main colors SOME COLOR COMBINATION IDEAS Baby showers COLORS COLORS Kid's parties CORPORATE EVENTS COLORS COLORS Bachelorette PARTIES Christmas 16. PARTIES COLORS COLORS PICK OUT THE TYPES OF CANDY YOU WANT PICK OUT THE TYPES OF CANDY YOU WANT A&G LOLU POPS BULK LOOSE CANDY DISPLAY CANDY INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED CANDY offer one DESIGNER CANDY/SWEETS sold by the pound offer one per guest used for decoration per guest and filler SETUP THE TABLE IN 3 ZONES WITH THE APPROPRIATE CONTAINERS SET UP YOUR TABLE BEFORE BUYING THE CANDY BACK ZONE MIDDLE ZONE FRONT ZONE Cupcakes Salt water Tffy Rock candy Bulk candy Bulk candy Gummies Lollipops Mini-sized Candy Miri-sized Candy Cookies Squiggly Lollipops- Ccoల DIVIDE YOUR TABLE INTO 3 ZONES: BACK ZONE TIP DUDA Candy in this zone must be elevated DD Use taller containers, cake stands, and elevated flat platters, etc. Don't use bulk CDA Use photo boxes or glass jars to elevate the containers candy containers in the back zone since its difficult to sCoop *Make sure containers are not too elevated or tall so guests can reach easily for the candy inside without tipping them over.* the candy that's in the back, elevated and specially when candy is running low. MIDDLE ZONE FRONT ZONE CIZDA You can use apothecary jars, vases, small baskets, candy dishes, etc DZDA Use trays, short containers or decorative boxes DOZDA It's best if all the bulk candy goes here DEZDA Display individually portioned items TIP 6 JARS 3 on each side) if guest count is 24 USE 8 JARS Aon each side) if guest count is 50 8 DECORATE THE BUFFET AND ADD THE DETAILS DECORATION DETAILS Printables Backdrop Signs Flowers Labels CANDY CANDY CANDY CANDY CANDY You're the best CANDY CANDY Table Cloth Photograph Framed message Bows and ribbons DECORATE THE BUFFET FOR AN AWESOME BUFFET DESIGN: DDA Choose a table-cloth that matches the theme of the event DDa Use a backdrop that will set the scene for the candy table You can use paper garlands, ribbons, fabric, artwork, photographs, etc. DDA Add a themed center piece to tie the buffet with the rest of your event PThe center piece can be an amazing cake or cupcake tower display You can use flowers, candles, feathers, teapots, stuffed animals, etc. You can replicate the center pieces used on other tables of the event ADD THE DETAILS HAPPY DAY DON'T FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE CANDY BUFFET - THE DETAILS: POPS Stickers Framed messages GUMMIES Printables Balloons Signs and labels Flowers SOURCES p-by-step-instructions/ BROUGHT TO YOU BY I bags-for-candy-buffet/614b85157fb20e3c.html CANDYSTORE .com -ideas CANDYSTORE.COM CAN

DIY Candy Buffet

shared by melidox on Jun 24
A step-by-step guide on how to make your own candy buffet like a pro!


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