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The Dangers of Modern Warehouses and How to Prevent Them

WAREHOUSE SAFETY THE DANGERS OF MODERN WAREHOUSES AND HOW TO PREVENT THEM IN AMERICA THERE ARE MORE THAN x 7,000 * x 145,000 warehouses workers TOP 5 MOST ACCIDENT PRONE AREAS TOP 3 INJURIES IN WAREHOUSES O Docks O Slips, trips & falls ® Forklifts ® Conveyors ® Ergonomic related pains from lifting, reaching, pulling & pushing O Materials Storage O Material Handling and forklift accidents O Manual Lifting & Handling FORKLIFT FACTS 20,000 25% 100 employees are seriously injured in warehouse forklift-related incidents in the US every employees are killed in warehouse forklift-related of forklift-related fatalities are caused by forklifts overturning. incidents in the US every year year TIPS FOR WAREHOUSES WITH FORKLIFTS Use mirrors to improve visibility of blind corners Alert workers of forklifts by using horns, audible backup alarms, and flashing lights Ensure drivers are Separate forklift traffic and other workers certified to operate forklifts and can safely pick up, put down and stack loads where possible, and slow down in congested areas Require employees and visitors to wear Require pedestrians to make acknowledged Maintain sufficiently safe clearances for aisles and loading docks where forklifts are used Announce warehouse visitors bright safety vests eye contact with a driver before walking in an area SAFETY & WAREHOUSE STORAGE Damage to pallet racking is often underestimated, and can put workers in danger when not properly maintained. It can be difficult to detect damaged pallet rack at a glance, so it's important to schedule regular inspections of storage equipment by a professional. An overlooked dent, which may seem like only a cosmetic flaw can result in a costly rack collapse. 7 MOST COMMON CAUSES OF PALLET RACK FAILURE O Damage from forklifts O İncorrect equipment use O Overloaded racks O Purchasing reduced rack capacity to save money ® Altered rack configuration O Faulty equipment © Change in operation, like rearrangement Don't ever try to change or repair pallet racking yourself, including: cutting, welding, modifying, rearranging, or adding other components CAUTION Replace damaged racks immediately! TIPS FOR PREVENTING ERGONOMIC INJURIES WITH STORAGE 50 100 Stack loads evenly and straight on storage shelves Remove one object at a time from Keep aisles and passageways clear and in good repair Place heavier loads on lower or middle shelves shelves COSTS OF UNSAFE WAREHOUSES Unsafe working conditions can lead to expensive OSHA fines, workers comp insurance increases, lost employee time, and lost product. OSHA can issue citations which result in financial penalties up to $7,000 for non-serious violations, and up to $70,000 for repeat offenders. According to the National Safety Council, the average work related injury is S $38,000 $150,000 in direct costs in indirect costs The US Congress created OSHA under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which was signed into law in 1970. Since OSHA began, occupational deaths have been cut by 62% and injuries have declined by 42%. TOP 10 AREAS WHERE OSHA CITATIONS ARE ISSUED IN WAREHOUSES O Forklifts O Exits ® Hazard Communication O Mechanical power transmission ® Electrical, wiring methods ® Respiratory protection O Lockout / tagout © Electrical, system design O Guarding floor & wall openings and holes © Portable fire extinguishers BE PREPARED FOR ACCIDENTS! in order to appropriately handle any accident that many happen, make sure all employees know how to: Respond to accidents and understand company procedures • Report accidents to a supervisor • Locate fire extinguishers • Locate MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and chemical spill cleanup kits Keep your warehouse work area safe by reporting hazards and following safe work practices at all times. Make safety a priority by providing proper training for all employees, ensuring they are experts at operating their equipment and by holding safety meetings. Make safety a part of your warehouUse's culture! brought to you by SOURCES storage SOLUTIONS http://www.wbdg. org/design/warehouse.php Warehouse.pdf ONE SOURCE ONE REULT

The Dangers of Modern Warehouses and How to Prevent Them

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This infographic shows the tips for warehouse safety, the dangers of modern warehouses and how to prevent them.


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