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The Creative Process with a Graphic Designer

CREATIVE PROCESS Graphic Designer The A Guide to Working with a Project Kickoff 目 The Creative Brief • A creative brief is a document created to inform and guide the work based on initial discovery discussions between a client and designer before any work begins. • It helps prevent possible misunderstandings and/or delays, plus it helps keep the project running smoothly as possible. WHAT IT INCLUDES: • Background summary of the company and it's product or service, possibly a mission statement • Outlines the goals and objectives of the campaign or project • Provides details about the target audience, the message, the desired end result, the kind of visuals needed, timelines, budget, and more Discovery The designer may need to dig deeper to learn more than what the creative brief provides The designer may ask even more questions, and possibly want to see existing brand guidelines or designs-if any-to fully understand the brand Brainstorming is the essential, preliminary start to concepting-with further research for inspiration either online, in books, art galleries, and even the great outdoors. This is the crucial, creative part of the project development, so the designer will need sufficient time to let it perculate in their brain. You can't rush the creative process. Conception Each designer has their own way of coming up with ideas, whether it's pen on paper or generated on the computer. They might do a variation of the below: • Wireframes that are used to develop websites and infographics • Pencil sketches or marker comps • Thumbnails or rough comps on the computer • Mood boards that consist of font studies, color palettes, illustration styles, photography Design Comps Based on the proposal from the designer, a client will receive 3-6 design comps. The designs will either be presented in digital format via email with a phone call or Skype session, or they'll be mounted on boards and presented in person {typically the former}. • The designer will provide their rationale and strategy behind their designs • Some designers will even provide what their preference is •The client's choice may not always be the best, so the designer will intelligently guide them in the right direction Refinement The client provides their feedback on the comps to the designer. If the designer hits the nail on the head, there won't be major changes. But for sure, there will be revisions. In some cases the client may want to see a merge of two designs before going into rounds of revisions • Depending on the contract from the designer, a client is allowed a few rounds of design and text changes • If the client goes above and beyond the project scope with their revisions, extra charges will be incurred either by the hour or a percentage. Delivery & Launch Once the client has signed off on the final proof, the project is ready to launch. The designer will provide them with all the necessary deliverables and close out the project. • Some designers will follow up months later for a progress report on how well the project was successful or not The designer will most likely promote their work in their websites or online portfolio sites, and via social media. dezinegirl creative studio Tifestyle brand design for print, digital& web visit for more information

The Creative Process with a Graphic Designer

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You’re ready to launch your new business, product or service, but need to bring in a professional graphic designer to help establish the brand and design all the elements. 1) Where do you begin? 2) ...


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