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Crash Course In Air Safety Infographic

CRASH COURSE IN AIR SAFETY 38 MILLION Number of successful flights 2.8 BILLION Number of passengers flying safely in 2011 according to the IATA worldwide in 2011 according to the IATA 671 MILLION Number of passengers who 1,115 MILES The average distance these traveled on a U.S airline in 2011 passengers were traveling The global accident rate for Western-built planes improved in 2015 going from about one crash for every 1.6 million flights to ONE CRASH FOR EVERY 2.9 MILLION FLIGHTS RULE OF +3/-8 34,925 The most crucial - and potentially the most dangerous - portions of a flight are the takeoff (first three minutes) and landing (final 8 minutes): Transportation fatalities ocurred in the U.S in 2015 472 36 percent Amount of aviation accidents in the U.S that happen during the landing phase of a flight. Were aviation related 96 percent Amount of airplane accident passengers that survive the incidents. PICK YOUR SEAT 76.6 percent Passengers seated on the exit rows or one or two rows away have the best chances of a plane crash. Survival rate of passengers in serious airplane crashes. BLUE GRASS AIRPORT Site of the deadliest U.S. runway accident, which happened in August 2006 when a regional jet (Comair Flight 5191) attempted to take off from the wrong runway and crashed, killing all but one of the 50 people on board THE CANARY ISLANDS The world's deadliest plane crash happened in the Canary Islands in March 1977 when two jumbo jets collided, killing a total of 583 people-both passengers and crew... FLIGHT RECORDERS Can survive an impact of 3.600 Gs, as well as temperatures fo more than 1,000 degrees C. 1 IN 5 MILLION Aproximate odds of dying in a plane crash in the U.S. SURVIVAL MASTERY Source:

Crash Course In Air Safety Infographic

shared by samuelsamuel on Feb 14
Plane crashes in numbers all around the World and tips for emergency situation


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