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Cold as Ice: Prepping Your Yard Before Winter Hits

COLD AS ICE Prepping Your Yard Before Winter Hits IT's NOT EASY BEING GREEN: THE LAWN ONE DAY ONE MONTH BEFORE AFTER AFTER Aerate turf to reduce compaction and make it easier for fertilizer and water to Remove sticks and other debris before aerating, fertilizing, or seeding. reach the roots. Improves water, nutrient and gas exhange Reduces soil compaction Choose a perennial ryegrass for quick germination. These grasses will develop a good root system before freezing temps hit. Compost the leaves and use as Reseed thinner Make sure to go over the turf twice with criss-crossing paths when fertilizing or seeding to avoid a striped lawn. areas 6 to 8 weeks before the first insulation for hard freeze. flower beds. GROWING PAINS: TREES AND SHRUBS Avoid fall pruning; Since heat is less of a risk, fall is a Cut off any dead growth from trees and shrubs to discourage insects who choose to hide Bring potted houseplants inside and place in a Protect young trees from animals it promotes new growth that may not survive when plants go dormant for the winter. great time to transplant trees and shrubs. by wrapping stems or trunks with wire mesh. sunny area. there for the winter. Sow THE SEEDS OF SUCESS: THE GARDEN Carrots Broccoli Cabbage Cauliflower Brussels sprouts Turnips Swiss Chard These fall veggies can grow even through light frosts Pick and dry herbs to use through the winter months. Wrap twine around the stems then hang them upside down in a cool, dry place for 4-10 days. Cover your garden plot with compost or burlap to keep the weeds down. Use any compost so you have an empty bin come spring. PERENNIALS ANNUAL FLOWERS Cut back dry stems to Once the ground freezes, cover soil with compost to discourage rodent nesting. Take cuttings of geraniums, impatiens, begonias, and coleus for houseplants. soil level after the first Collect seeds from frost to prevent rotting in flower beds. favorite plants. Plant spring- Store hoses in a shed, Turn off water to blooming bulbs. garage, or basement. outdoor water spigots. Protect your lawn and garden before cool weather sets in, and give yourself a jump start on growing next spring. BROUGHT TO YOU BY SOURCES IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CReplacementParts GHERGICH&Co. 223

Cold as Ice: Prepping Your Yard Before Winter Hits

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As summer gives way to fall, gardens and yards begin to creep into hibernation. Unfortunately, this usually means a withering eyesore until spring warms the ground. There are ways, however, to make su...




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