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Choosing The Right Office Chair

LOOKINGAVEW OFFICE CHAIRO Finding the right office chair for your body is important for your health and work productivity. This infographic will go over some of the most important elements of an ergonomic office chair. Adjustability = Recline-Ability The natural glide mechanism on a Leap chair enables you to recline while still comfortably seeing your work. This style of reclining chair allows you to reach your keyboard without straining your eyes, shoulders, or arms. Reclining reduces the pressure on your spine and sitting bones. Chair Height Feet should be flat on the floor/ on a foot rest. Thighs should be parallel to the ground. Forearms should be parallel to the work surface. If the positioning is too high: • There will be too much pressure on the sensitive area behind the knee. • It can limit blood circulation. If it is too low: • The knees will be higher than the hips, which causes your body weight to shift back and put pressure on the sitting bones. Seat Depth An adjustable seat depth lets you slide the seat backward or forward to suit your leg length. If the seat is too long: • You will be inclined to prop yourself forward, losing the benefit of a back rest. • This causes strain on your legs and back. A good guideline is while seated to have three- or four-fingers width distance between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat. Armrests Proper Placement: Support while working/resting Adjustable armrests: • Allow you to get closer to work • Provide proper arm height • Pivot Arms need to be resting comfortably on the armrests / work surface that is being used for typing or writing. • Shoulders shouldn't be hunched. Forearms need to be parallel to the floor when you are typing or using your mouse. Lumbar Support Lower back pain is a huge ailment for office workers. Proper support = world of difference Adjustable lumbar system: • Firmness control • Position control • Lower back should fit comfortably against the lumbar support. • The ability to move and sit correctly allows oxygen to move to your muscles and increase blood flow to the brain. • Improves focus • Keeps the individual refreshed and energized Seat Material Comfort is key. Looks aren't everything. Try before you buy. Mobility Points to consider: How easy is the chair to move? Do you need to be able to slide chair around a space? Do the chair arms hinder the way you work? Chairs should allow you free movement in your work space. If you work at a larger desk, a chair with wheels or a swiveling seat may be best. If the floor is carpeted, a plastic mat can improve your mobility. WHEELS VS STATIONARY Price Point %24 RA Consider making a budget. Pick a price that is worthwhile to invest Leave wiggle room for shipping/installation. in a proper chair. 800.410.7494 OFFICE Sales@OfficeChairsUnlimited CHAIRS UNLIMI TED

Choosing The Right Office Chair

shared by Ker Communications on May 19
Finding the right office chair for your work style and body type is important for your health, work productivity and well-being...


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