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Choosing A Right Caliber Infographic

CHOOSING THE RIGHT CALIBER IF THERE IS ONE THING HUNTERS LOVE AS MUCH AS HUNTING, IT'S ARGUING THE MERITS OF THEIR FAVORITTE RIFLE AND CALIBER. BUT, THE FACTS IS, THERE IS NO PERFECT RIFLE CATRIDGE FOR EACH GAME ANIMAL. EACH CALIBER IS GOOD FOR A SPECTRUM OF GAME, AND AT ONE END IT IS BORDERING ON TOO LIGHT, WHILE ON THE OTHER END OF THE SPECTRUM IT IS T00 HEAVY SMALL GAME THE LIGHT KICKERS These calibers are powerful enough to drop deer while still being light and accurate Rimfire rounds are the perfect choice for hunting short-range varmints 17 HMR .22 LONG .22 MAG ALL-AROUND ROUNDS For everything in between wild boar and white tail deer, these calibers excel .270 .30-30 .30-06 .223 .22-250 .243 WIN BIG GAME-LONG RANGE Capable of killing elk and bear some four football fields away HEAVY GAME Large, tough calibers for large, tough game. Warning: they kick both .300 .338 .375 H&H ways .460 WTBY MAG 116 RIGBY .577 NITRO EXP JURRASSIC Better call the national guard ONE GUN FOR EVERYTHING... ... is a concept that has existed for decades. The fact is, a .22 long rifle has been used to kill an elephant - but it's still a really bad idea to hunt elephants with a .22. 75 mm "USE ENOUGH GUN" And the .30-06 is the cartridge most referred to as an 'all around gun', because there is a wide variety of bullet weights and types for it. SURVIVAL MASTERY Besides, part of the fun of hunting is having more guns! Source:

Choosing A Right Caliber Infographic

shared by samuelsamuel on Feb 13
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Infographic about how to choose the right caliber for you when you go hunting


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