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Caring for your Painting Guide

CARING FOR YOUR PAINTING A simple guide for art collectors to keep your fine art looking fine! CHOOSING A FRAME There are no hard and fast rules when framing a painting. However, the spotlight is the artwork and the frame should be the perfect complement for the art and the décor in style and color. DO NOT USE A FRAME THAT COMPETES WITH THE ART IN COLOR OR TEXTURE If you have other paintings hanging. DON'T TRY and match the frame. It's actually cool to have them different and Make sure the frame matches the style of the painting. and not detract from it. Make sure the frame looks appropriate with the decor of the room it will be hanging in. contrast each other. FRAME BASED ON YOUR STYLE Portralts and landscapes look best with more Abstract, edgy. or modern art looks best with plain geometric frames. Not all paintings need to be framed. Gallery wrap canvas art is very popular. traditional looking frames. TRANSPORTING YOUR NEW FRAMED ART When transporting paintings. it's best to travel when weather is moderate. The painting should be carefully wrapped, cushioned, and insulated from moisture, humidity, and temperature extremes. Paintings should always be carried by the sides. Do not carry the painting by the top of the frame. If the painting is large and heavy, you may need more than one person. HANGING YOUR MASTERPIECE Use the proper wall anchors for your painting. Make sure they can support the weight of the painting. If using wire, it should be looped through eye screws, secured in the right and left sides of the frame, so that the painting hangs from a double strand of wire. AVOID EXPOSURE TO... Water Low or high relative humidity are not good for paintings. They tend to bridle and make the paint promote the growth of microorganisms that can damage paintings. Heat & Dirt Heat dries out the materials, Light Ultraviolet light should be kept away from paintings. Eventually. Light will discolor the paintings speeding up the process of natural aging. Hot air also rises and carries dirt with it. Therefore, hanging pictures over a fireplace is not recommended. Smoking indoors can also damage paintings. and cause it to fade. CLEANING If you need to dust the painting. do not use: Use a clean, soft bristle Chinese watercolor brush or very soft feather duster specifically for paintings instead. Make sure it's free of debris that could scratch the painting while cleaning. wet cloth, canned air, or try blowing on it to remove dirt. EXTRA ADVICE Periodically check your painting to make sure it's secured and the wire is not poking the back of the canvas, as even the slightest pinch can damage a painting. overstock Art transform your space with hand painted art! Source:

Caring for your Painting Guide

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You just spent all this money on a beautiful oil painting. Make sure you use the right picture frame to display it and don't ruin it by hanging it over the fireplace! Check out these helpful tips in c...



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