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Car Buying Tips: Choosing the Right Fuel for Your New Car

CAR CARE 101: MOST COMMON FUEL TYPE IN AUSTRALIA There are different types of fuels depending on their resources, and also depending on their grade. The grade is based on their octane-rating, which is an indication of how well the fuel resists igniting inside the car engine. Here are the different kinds of fuels depending on their octane- rating: Standard Unleaded Petrol (91) This fuel is the most common type in Australia; you can find it in nearly every gas station in the country. Most car models can use it. However, there are more efficient types of fuel than this. Premium 95-Octane Unleaded Petrol As the name suggests, this type of fuel is more efficient than standard unleaded petrol. Petrol-95 helps your engine to run smoothly which results in improved car performance. Premium 98-Octane Unleaded Petrol This premium unleaded fuel provides higher engine power than the first two. It also contributes less pollution to the environment. E10 This type of fuel is a mixture of petrol and 10% ethanol. This fuel supports the Australian sugarcane industry. It is more powerful than standard unl led petrol, but it is less fuel-efficient. E85 Like E10, this fuel is a mixture of petrol and ethanol, but this time, it is 85% ethanol. This fuel is powerful, cheap, and it has less effect on the environment. Which fuel should you use for your car? You should check your car owner's manual or look for the manufacturer's recommendation. As a rule of thumb, don't use lower-rated fuel than your manufacturer's recommendation.

Car Buying Tips: Choosing the Right Fuel for Your New Car

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One of the most important aspects of owning a car is choosing the right fuel. Experts highly recommend car owners to simplify this by following the directions stated on the car's manual. When the manu...


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