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CannaGrow: Oregon Guide to Growing

OREGON: GUIDE TO GROWING Presented by: CANNAGROW EXPO: Must be Hidden from be 21+ Street View Umited to 4 plants per Household AUGUST 28 - 29, 2015 FOLAO. ORIRED ION JANTEN BEACo Must Private Yard A TWO-DAY DUCATIONAL EXPO DEDICATED TO THE ART & SCIENCE OF GROWING CANNABIS Geowing is legal, buying plants ksn't. Oaly medical marijaana patieets & caregivers can purchase starter planis from dispensaries. For now, people who want to grow pot will have Start outside. Initial investment is cheaper fomato plant, but net compared to indoors & will give growers a season to get familiar with the plant Ifs harder than a Expect to spend about $100 at the oulset and another $100 to get through the rest of the to rely on the generesity diffeult to grow. Thanks Friendl of friends. season. Don'the Intimidated One year of growing outside in Oregon isn't likely to turn you into a master Inside vs. outslde? How much does it cost ? Cat down the plant and hang the stems upside dowin for five to The Growing Game Keep expectations low grower with a high grade seven dayt. Harvest PROBLEMS Will it smell? Don't overwater Yes. The plant will have that anmistakable odor as it Giving the plant too mach water and too much fertilizer are common mistakes Isit time to harvest? approaches harvest. What about rain? Cannabis in my vegetable garden? Attend CannaGrow Event & Expo Growing Periods generally range from 45 to 70 days. Straies such as Cinex and Blackberry Kush, beth widely available and popular in Portland, have 55 and 60-day flowering times. Take note of when the plant's first flowers form and harvest at the end of the flowering time. Whether you grow healthy plants with a decent erop depends largely en weather. A couple of rainy days in Opt for pats instead so if il rains in September, you can bring them inside and early fall ean lead to meldy set them in front of a south-facing window The CannaGrow Expo it a hvo-day educational expo, dedicated to the art & seience of growing cannabis. Explore the latest cannabis cultivalion fechnology, tools, and techniques. Featuring 18 grow-focused educalional sessions lead by world-elass growers. flowers. Sources: index ss! 2015/06/planning_to_grow_your_own_mari.h MARIJUANA INFOGRAPHICS tml

CannaGrow: Oregon Guide to Growing

shared by Hemptress on Jul 24
This infographic was made to outline the cannabis growing process for now legal Oregon


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