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Building a Career as a Data Scientist

Ai The People & Tech Behind Data Science Between just 2011 and 2012, Data Science JOB LISTINGS for "data scientist" INCREASED Math, Data, AI, & The Scientific Method 15,000% What Do Data Scientists Do? Data scientists use heterogeneous data to solve complex problems The Process Of Data Analysis Prepare MAINTAIN CAPTURE PROCESS Extract and acquire Mine and classify data Store and stage Requires skills in Test Mathematics HYPOTHESIZE ANALYZE Computer Science and more Develop a theory to test with the data model Model, explore, and experiment with data to reach desired outcomes and derive meaning Communicate Instrumental in the development of predictive, industrial machine learning and Enterprise AlM VISUALIZE APPLY Create an easily understood picture of the model's predictions Help end users understand how to use the predictions to take effective actions within their business Anyone Can Be A Data Scientist "You don't necessarily need a Ph.D. to do data science you need an aptitude for math and a creative, problem-solving mentality." - Dr. Jenn Gamble, Director, "Data science" might be a buzzword now, but it isn'ta new idea – In fact, it has been on a journey to the mainstream for almost 3 centuries A Brief History Of Data Science "Data scientists are kind of like the new Renaissance folks, because data science is inherently multidisciplinary." - John Foreman, VP of Product Management at MailChimp Bayes' Theorem 1740s P(B | A) P( A) P(A| B) = P(B) Initial Belief + New Data = Basis for probability calculations that power Al today Improved Belief Foundations Of Statistics 1954 Leonard Jimmie Savage +++++++++++++++++- Explained the scientific objectivity of data analysis – results become more objective with more data 1977 Declared its mission was to unite statistics with computer technology and subject matter expertise in order to build knowledge iasc isi International Association for Statistical Computing 1994 BusinessWeek cover story 66 "Database Marketing" Marked the beginning of the era of Big Data describing businesses push to gather information, long before they knew what to do with it 99 - A Potent New Tool for Selling BusinessWeek 1996 In 1996, "data science" appeared for the first time at the International Federation of Classification Societies in Japan By 2010, "data science" had fully infiltrated the common vernacular 2010 Data Science Today In 2013, By 2025, 175 billion terabytes of data will be created every day IBM revealed that 90% of the world's data was created in the last 2 years "By definition all scientists are data scientists... half hacker, half analyst, they use data to build products and find insights." - Monica Rogati Data Scientist To understand and analyze the world's surging data, advanced tools are needed Join The Ranks By 2020, there will be over e python LO PyTorch 2.7 million Some Tools Open source machine learning framework Software development language based on C Of The Trade data scientist Enhances development from research prototype to production deployment Includes suite of tools which job openings work with a production system hadoop Spärk APACHE Programming language and free software popular with statistical analysis Open source software for scalable, distributed computing Analytics engine for processing large scale data Data Storage Methods: Scalable storage, optimized with Al Works with a wide variety of programming languages and data sources Allows a cluster of computers to process large amounts of data Lots of open-sourced programs available "At The Edge" "In The Cloud" Allows for more complex, secure sharing at the source Allows teams to share and collaborate easily "I believe in the future of Al changing the world. The question is, who is changing Al? it is really important to bring diverse groups of students and future leaders into the development of Al" - Dr. Fei Fei Li. Co-Director of Stanford's Human-Centered Al Institute Roles Needed AI Hardware Specialists Software Engineers Data Engineers What They Do What They Do What They Do Create and program perform specific tasks Analyze business data and design software to fit needs Create and maintain the methods which AI bring in data Necessary Skills Necessary Skills Necessary Skills AForge.NET | Java Machine learning Python Scikit-learn Java SQL Python Saas Java Why It's Cool To Be A Data Scientist Build Al Software Create New Tech Change The World energy optimization, wildlife migration monitoring, radical efficiency autonomous vehicles, space exploration, personalized medicine / education combining of creativity & reality Sources pytorch Data science is essential Do you have the skills? Let us know: dataconomy.comy/2016/03/beginners-guide-history-data-science DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Building a Career as a Data Scientist

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Between 2011 and 2012, job listings for "data scientist" hiked 15,000% - but what does it take to become a data scientist? More explained by here.





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