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Building Blocks of Childhood Memories

BUILDING BLOCKS OF As a parent, your child's first day of school creates a mix of emotions: CHILDHOOD excitement, sadness, anticipation. It also comes with unique opportunities to help your child build and document memories МЕMORIES they'll look back on and cherish the rest of their lives. CREATIVITY ABOUT THE ARTIST I LOVE COLOR Collect the artwork your child creates at school and at home, and label the pieces with dates. The collection will allow you and your child to see how their imagination and creativity have changed over the years. Consider creating albums or artbooks of their work, organized by age range or grade. FRIENDS Create a "friend tree" with pictures of all your child's classmates. Like a family tree, the friend tree should show connections between individuals. For example, lines can denote friends that have shared interests or live in the same neighborhood. MOMENTS FROM THE Give the child a large piece of paper and have her draw the tree, starting with herself and connecting her friends in however Gather pictures of your child's friends (you may need to help crop images to show just one person). Have your child identify each many ways she can think of. person. Review the work as each branch of the tree is completed and talk to the child about any possible mistakes to help them understand the relationships. Ask your child to say or write one positive trait about each child – this will help them focus on finding good qualities in people and will remind them later who their classmates were and what they liked about them. Show your child some examples of what family trees look like and explain how they work, so they can have an idea of how to create their friend tree. CLASS МЕМORIES Create and print a classroom yearbook. Capture all the important moments and details of the school year for the class. The sky's the limit, but here are some ideas to get you started: our TE CHER, Include student artwork and writing samples. THE MANY FACES OF ME Make a profile page for the teachers with quotes from students. MS. ROSALE GARCIA ACTIVITIES Let students take photos of each other for more fun, candid shots. TUN MOMENTS FROM THE YEOR FOOTBALL Make a time capsule page that includes highlights from the year like field trips and sport events. FUMALE dy ti Create a page for superlatives like "class clown" or "most likely to become a rock star." Teach the concept of autobiography. Let each child have a page and have them select where on the page to place their photo. Work with your child to write about all the field trips his class has taken. List the location, the purpose of the field trip and what your child learned on the trip. Help your child make a list of potential field trip sites and why they might be educational. Think about local government offices, media outlets like newspapers or TV stations, interesting businesses, national parks and more. CLASS ABOUT THE ARTIST 23323 Chate Oete er da love for de Ju Natan ders ardt het roh Su Dione Enight laus Mas SAY CHEESE JOURNAL What was your favorite article of clothing you wore this week? What did you like most about going to school this week? My Pink Running Shoes The School trip to the theater Once a week, help your child write a short journal entry about what they did at Who did you sit with at lunch? What did you like the least? Stephanie BroWn The vocabulary pop quiz school. Ask a series of questions to help prompt Name four things you learned at school. interesting responses. Take a Reading Math Skills photo of your child each week to accompany their journal entries. Art Friendship SeloOL'S Lay NO MO HOMEWOR TIME TO 000 POR SUMMER! LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN YEARBOOK. VISIT Shutterfly.

Building Blocks of Childhood Memories

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As a parent, your child's first day of school creates a mix of emotions. It also comes with a unique opportunity to help your child build and create memories. This infographic provides you with tips t...





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